Do you use YouTube Google Hangouts to broadcast #CHURCH?

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CHURCH do you use YouTube Google Hangouts to broadcast your service? Here’s how to do it @ourCOG via Churchinfluence

Pentecostal Theology [08/11/2015 9:11 AM]
This is a GOOD ONE. What do YOU use to BROADCAST your CHURCH? Alan N Carla Smith

Timothy Nail [08/11/2015 9:25 AM]
YouTube Lcpentecostal is our page.

John Ruffle [08/11/2015 9:34 AM]

John Kissinger [08/11/2015 10:22 AM]
what other ways are out there to BROADCAST live? uStream, LiveStream, Babmbuser – what do you use? Alan N Carla Smith

John Ruffle [08/11/2015 10:24 AM]
Loud hailer.

John Ruffle [08/11/2015 10:25 AM]
My web site:

John Kissinger [08/11/2015 10:25 AM]
that last sounds like the Charles Page LIVE broadcaster : Alan N Carla Smith

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