Do you cancel church for 1-2 inches of snow?

Do you cancel church for 1-2 inches of snow?

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  • Reply February 12, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    some people do some people do but not Terry Wiles

  • Ray E Horton
    Reply November 12, 2019

    Ray E Horton

    Around here, in Erie, PA, not even for one or two feet of snow, or more. Those who will, will come,and surprising how many do.

  • Matthew Frye
    Reply November 12, 2019

    Matthew Frye

    No don’t believe in canceling church. Our ancestors didn’t cancel

  • Joe Absher
    Reply November 12, 2019

    Joe Absher

    …not in Milwaukee

  • Reply November 12, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    most do in most cases

  • Timothy Staggs
    Reply November 12, 2019

    Timothy Staggs

    Not in places that are used to snow. Like Pennsylvania

  • Michael Weatherford
    Reply November 12, 2019

    Michael Weatherford

    yes we do I’m in Augusta Georgia it snow bout once a decade here and people freak out it is very dangerous to drive even if u are used to it cause of other people and u better get to the grocery store asap cause it’s out of food quick

  • Steven Hamman Sr.
    Reply November 13, 2019

    Steven Hamman Sr.

    Only if it’s a full blown winter storm or ice here in Michigan.

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