Did wine ferment before the flood?

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Tom Steele | PentecostalTheology.com

I saw a statement in a discussion earlier saying, “We don’t know if wine fermented before the flood.” This brings up an interesting point: Were the conditions of the earth different before the flood? How about before the fall? At what point did people and animals begin eating the flesh of animals? Was it a change in atmospheric conditions that caused these things?

If we believe that God truly created all life, and that He designed all life to function a certain way, should that have any bearing on how we conduct our life? Should we be considering instructions in His Word, whether in regard to alcohol, food, farming, hygiene, etc., as applicable to the design of creation?

The Bible speaks of a time when the wolf will lay down with the lamb, the leopard with the kid, and the lion with the calf and the fatling. It says that the lion will eat straw like the ox. (Isaiah 11:6, 65:25)

What if all these issues are connected to God’s design in creation and how He specifically designed our bodies? What if they have an impact on the earth and the environment? Would you, as a Believer, change your ways out of respect to God as the Creator? Would it matter to you? If there is even a slight argument that these issues are directly connected to the design of creation and the design of the human body, shouldn’t that be enough to consider that this matter would be at the very center of the heart of God? After all, it would seem that the pre-fall creation is what God really wants.

Putting opinions and doctrines held aside, and considering just for a moment the matter that these things may very well be intertwined into the fabric of the design of all living things, just consider for a moment the way things were before the fall. Now consider that after the fall or after the flood atmospheric conditions may have resulted in some adjustments, and maybe, just maybe, any instructions God gave in His Word regarding food, drink, health, hygiene, farming, hunting, and so forth are all critical to the original design in creation and temporary adjustments that were made by the Creator until the cycle is complete and a new heaven and new earth are created.

~ShalomTruth Ignited

Glynn Brown [01/26/2016 6:46 PM]
I’ve read something similar while reading creationism theory. That if there were a water canopy that surrounded the earth before the flood,then fermentation wouldn’t have been possible. It’s an interesting theory.

Tom Steele [01/26/2016 7:25 PM]

The Pre-flood Atmosphere

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  • Louise Cummings
    Reply August 3, 2016

    Louise Cummings

    The Bible said they could eat of any tree except the forbidden tree. If they eat of that tree that day would surely die. They ate of the tree The Lord said not to that day they died Spiritually. Separated from God until God made a way to redeem us back to him. But life began to be more wicked every day. Until God said I’m gonna destroy men from the face of the earth. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. The Lord told Noah to build an ark. To save him and his family. Preached to them while building the ark. After the flood was over. Noah planted a vineyard. An drank wine from it and got drunk from it. He got into trouble for it. Because his son saw his nakedness. And was cursed for it. God always judges sin. That was the first time I have seen in the Bible. That was alcohol that would make you drunk. There was no laws given on sin at this time , except what God spoke to them. Things kept getting worse. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. To live by. Then many many more to live by. And the Pharffb

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