What is the “Day of the Lord”?

What is the “Day of the Lord”?

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What is the “day of the lord”? When does it start, end and what is it’s purpose.

John Kissinger [01/15/2016 2:18 PM]

Ricky Grimsley [01/15/2016 3:18 PM]
Im not talking about sunday the “lord’s day”. Im talking about this day…..Malachi 4:5 KJVS
[5] Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord :

John Kissinger [01/15/2016 3:34 PM]
Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but have done to him everything they wished

Ricky Grimsley [01/15/2016 4:03 PM]
But elijah comes before jesus again as one of two witnesses?

Derrick Harmon [01/15/2016 7:15 PM]
According to Acts 2, the early apostles understood Joel 2:28-30 to be fulfilled at the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Ricky Grimsley [01/15/2016 8:35 PM]
Only in part the sun didnt go dark and the world end and a day of vengeance start. Its the same way that jesus fulfilled half of Isaiah 61:1-2 KJVS
[1] The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; [2] To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord , and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;
He left off the vengeance part when he quoted in the temple because he will do the vengeance stuff at his second coming.

John Kissinger [01/16/2016 10:06 AM]
Obama’s Strategic Move To Fulfill Prophecy is on a fast track. Hosea chapter 12 speaks of the United States and how the leaders would make Assyria a desolate nation, but Nineveh is spoken of separately and it seems all the forces of evil are concerned over this city in North West Iraq. Boots on the ground by the US Soldiers is only going to make things worse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbrLw3Cgj-I&feature=youtu.be

Jivko Stoilov [01/21/2016 10:12 AM]
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Katerina Ivanova [01/21/2016 10:12 AM]
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John Kissinger [02/03/2016 7:58 AM]
Ricky Grimsley has posed a very important question here, which I do not wish to fork to another thread so we can keep it together.

What is the “Day of the Lord”?

Luchen Bailey has otherwise wrote a post on Rev. 1:10 where the Lord’s day was viewed as Sunday in some later (predominantly corrupt Orthodox) MSS Terry Wiles

Sabbath Day. Rev. 1:10

Tom Steele and others have argued for the actual Old Testament Sabbath from the point of Jewish roots theology

What is the Pentecostal understanding of the Sabbath day?

While we’re far from claiming the Return of the Lord will be on a Saturday or a Sunday, how are we to interpret ALL these Bile references and uses of the last Day of the Lord terminology in search of sound hermeneutics for the last days William DeArteaga Stan Wayne David Lewayne Porter David M. Hinsen

LORD’s DAY: A full list of all fulfilled and not-so fulfilled prophecies for 2015 and upcoming 2016-17 – What happened and what not? http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/a-full-list-of-all-fulfilled-and-not-so-fulfilled-prophecies-for-2015-and-upcoming-2016-17-what-happened-and-what-not-plus-20-signs-of-the-lastdays-renewed-revised-and-revisited-ourcog/

Stan Wayne [02/03/2016 11:26 AM]

Stan Wayne [02/03/2016 11:27 AM]

Stan Wayne [02/03/2016 11:38 AM]

Stan Wayne [02/03/2016 11:54 AM]

Charles Page [02/03/2016 12:02 PM]
could it be the day of our death? the day leading in temporary designation waiting for the final day?

Charles Page [02/03/2016 12:10 PM]
…after that (death) comes the judgement.


  • Reply May 7, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    is it one and the same as the Rapture of the Church ?

  • Reply April 8, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    Peter Vandever even Ricky Grimsley cant tell ya

  • Louise Cummings
    Reply April 9, 2020

    Louise Cummings

    I was going to say on my comments. I did find five times the Bible spoke of adoption. And five times on grafted in. The Day of the Lord means end times , like Tribulations. Now it’s ok to remove this. But I felt like I should tell you that. Thank you.

  • Reply April 9, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    even Ricky Grimsley dont know anymore I doubt ANYONE in this group can tell us the exact DAY of the LORD

  • RichardAnna Boyce
    Reply April 9, 2020

    RichardAnna Boyce

    2 Peter 3:10 What God seeks from men while His judgment tarries is repentance. God’s wish therefore is that all should come to repentance. This statement should not be read as though it indicated God’s desire that all men should be saved from hell, though that desire is expressed elsewhere in Scripture (John 3:16-17; 2 Cor 5:19-20; 1 Tim 2:4-5). What is suggested here, however, is that if men would repent, the judgment of the Day of the Lord could be averted. But this repentance would need to be universal; that is, all would have to come to repentance (cf. Luke 13:3,5).

    God’s compassion is real and man’s opportunity to repent is equally real. Peter is not talking about everyone getting saved, but about everyone turning to the true God in one way or another. The point is simple. God delays in order to give all men a genuine opportunity to repent. The opportunity is real because the mercy is real.

    Undoubtedly God fully knows under what set of conditions mankind might turn to Him—however briefly—and so long as there are options that are viable in His eyes, He withholds the promise of our Savior’s return. But even if this results in another thousand years of seeming delay, for Him the length of “time” is inconsequentially short.

  • Reply April 9, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    2 Peter 3:10 does not speak of Lords Day Ricky Grimsley

  • Reply July 2, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    Steve Conley I would like to call you out on your hidden pre-wrath heresy you dont explain openly for some reason Here is a GREAT question for you as a self-proclaimed 90s pastor with no degree to back it As they say in higher academia Big mouth with no degree to back it   But since you claim to be a pastor too The pastors will NOT be able to receive salaries, insurance or anything included in their package. Remember, if the church cannot buy or sale, neither can the pastor receive a salary. And even if a salary is given, what would the pastor spend it on without the mark of the beast? Tithing system – those are most usually set up with a paper check or some sort of electronic banking like debiting or crediting. With the mark of the beast, the church will NOT be able to receive those moneys and even if it does, it cannot operate with them to buy or sell anything.

    What about church buildings – without the mark of the beast they will not be able to purchase any service – electricity, lights, internet, gas for church vans, insurance, special events, catering, food – no communion elements. Nothing at all. With no professional services available, a church building may last a few months, but will fall apart soon before the Tribulation is over… Just think about it

    Seems to me apart from not knowing jack about theology your hold of pre-wrath 3/4 rapture ends with collecting govt PPP loan to save church building and your own salary of course

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