COULD September’s “Blood Moon” Be Biblical Sign Of Apocalypse?

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COULD September’s “Blood Moon” Be Biblical Sign Of Apocalypse?

Timothy Carter [09/28/2015 7:30 PM]
Beutiful 🙂 Pic

Levi Allen Goff [09/28/2015 9:47 PM]
I took this picture myself, not as good as that one though. In 2017 a Solar Eclipse is going to pass over, and be visible to the entire United States, something that has never happened before. These are signs, but the end is yet to come…

I personally believe it is to confound the wise.

David John Maxfield [09/28/2015 10:58 PM]
Seeing as thought it’s not seen in Israel, no.

Levi Allen Goff [09/28/2015 11:08 PM]
Israelites are all over the world, not just in Israel. The United States was called the greatest ally Israel has by their own Prime Minister, and they are our greatest ally as well. But when the US government signed a nuclear agreement with Iran, they turned their back on Israel, since Iran has vowed to destroy Israel.

The 3 magi, or wise men came to Jesus, they interpreted the cosmic meanings in correlation to the biblical prophesies to come to the understanding of where Jesus was to be born. Upon bearing witness of the accuracy of their predictions according to their astronomy, they rejoiced! Matt 2:10

Upon revelation in a dream, they were warned not to return to Herod. Now if the wise men, were called wise, then what would the astronomers of today be called? Furthermore, what about those who turn their backs on Israel, how could they be confound?

John Kissinger [09/28/2015 11:15 PM]

John Kissinger [09/28/2015 11:16 PM]

Levi Allen Goff [09/28/2015 11:21 PM]
I don’t think that picture is real Lol, but this last one WAS partially visible in appearance unlike the last 3. I wouldn’t take this prophesies as alarming though, as it is a good sign, regardless of whenever it is that the Lord comes back.

John Kissinger [09/28/2015 11:24 PM]
saw it on TV – must be real 🙂

Levi Allen Goff [09/28/2015 11:25 PM]

David John Maxfield [09/29/2015 12:17 AM]
You make a good point Levi Allen Goff “Israel is all over the world”. Haven’t thought of that one.

Levi Allen Goff [09/29/2015 12:20 AM]
But we are in a time where God will gather his people back to their land. We are witnesses of this, and at the last blood moon tetrad we seen Israel become a nation. Now some might find this as disputable, but I really believe this is the sixth trumpet call.

John Kissinger [09/29/2015 4:07 AM]
I’m going in Revelation 4. Feel free to stay till Revelation 19

Levi Allen Goff [09/29/2015 10:45 AM]
I could see many parts where one could say that they are going other than 19, but why do you say 4?

Starfire A Freefilly [09/29/2015 11:02 AM]
you will see great and wonderous signs before the return of Jeus i do not think we have evenbegun to see the signs as of yet

Starfire A Freefilly [09/29/2015 11:02 AM]
but i beleive they are unfolding now after this moon

John Kissinger [09/30/2015 1:43 PM]
just read an October 2015 prophecy 🙂 they’re now on the rise

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