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I’ve been working with a man for a couple of months. Several hours a week.
We often have barbed conversations. Saturday he openly contested the gospel before the outreach. Saying “are you going to save the heathen?” He said this mockingly and in front of other men. I had to respond so I said “Yes, and we’re going to start right here.” It wasn’t a put down but a cheerful push back.
This morning he tried again. Before class he asked me “are you going to give a sermon or a Bible study. I’d like to say something.”
So things were a little rocky at first for my new believers class this morning. But ended well. He’s a hold out. But he’s learning how to talk Christian and even pray Christian. But he’s crafty and he has not given his heart to Jesus Christ trusting in him to forgive and save. He is rebellious and contentious. And at times an open hindrance to the others. He’s not saved yet.
I’m concerned because his conscience is not troubled. He’s learning to cover his heart with Christian talk. I think it’s a religious spirit. He’s learning the Christian words and he’s learning the Christian teaching but he’s not learning Christ. O continue a consistent witness and keep preaching against sin and rebellion and for believing and honoring Jesus Christ. And I try to be gentle and talk about facades and the deceitfulness of sin. I think he knows I know.
He slights the confrontation and truth of the gospel. The cross remains an offence to the world. He has rejected the conviction of sin and the shock of his nakedness and guilt has escaped him.
These are just my thoughts working with the souls of men. Praying to represent conviction and absolute trust and reliance on Christ the Saviour. And to walk in faith that works by love. No shirking here…

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  • Reply April 22, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    sounds about right Isara Mo Joe Absher

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