CONFESSIONS of a Street Preacher: At the University tonight

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This guy lets me preach in front of his store. On summer it was hot. He had his door open so I didn’t want to be rude. I asked him. Do you you mind if I say a few words for the Lord? He said, “anything for the Lord!” He’s Muslim

The one up the street is Sikh he hate it. The preaching. Always tries to run me off. I tell him they’re still going to buy your cigarettes and your beer! Then he goes back in. So I buy something whenever I can at the corner store. You should have heard him. Anything for the Lord!

They may have found my Spot. I think the city was putting down new mulch. I don’t know. It’s a few night’s but it’s a great spot for preaching

Let’s put it a different way. If you thought a real holy ghost revival was going to break out and you might have a part in it would you go? What if you couldn’t get a room right away?

At the University tonight. The sidewalk is public, but not the school. The cops have harassed me there before. With some false accusations. So they don’t allow preaching on the campus. It’s private.

I cheated some tonight though, I found a hill and preached for about a half hour. great acoustics with the trees behind me and surrounded by three buildings. I kept thinking the cops were coming but they never did. Some open hostility. The hill was a good block wide open for the gospel. Maybe a hundred heard the good news of Jesus Christ his mercy and cross our poor state as sinners but “God has mercy on the sinner!”

So with the sidewalk two hours and another hundred. With some good conversations and prayers. I hated to leave…
It’s going to be a good summer for the gospel. Jesus is that good!

7:11AM Slept on some dry concrete tonight. I wonder what Jesus is doing tonight? Probably saving some private in a ditch some where with his whispering prayers “Our Father…

Gotta tell you concrete is the worse. Seagulls must be Pentecostal what racket they make. Remember when I said, “I tell the homeless, ‘you need God more than a place to lay your head’ ” I meant it. I gotta go get some coffee. 1 coffee 2 aspirin 3 oatmeal cookies…

BUT Preaching is getting better. Street preaching I mean…

White men cant jump. We run

I ran from many things in life
many miles each morning
only to return every time ?
And underneath are the everlasting arms

From the upcoming NY Bestseller: CONFESSIONS of a Street Preacher
Or how to get around dry crusty church folk and have fun doing it


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