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The manual is not intended to:


  1. Turn your whole ministry into solely a deliverance ministry.


We live in a day when many ministers claim that God has called them to preach only a specific part of the gospel. We have been called to preach the WHOLE COUNSEL of God [Acts 20:27], be it Salvation or Sanctification or Baptism of the Holy Ghost, Prosperity, Faith, and Deliverance etc. etc. We must be balanced and be careful of not to overemphasize or under-emphasize


  1. Make you begin seeing demons under every green tree!


While it is true that demons are behind many problems that people have, it is also true that other reasons may be behind some problems. We must use discernment in all that we do.


  1. Make you become suspicious of people.


We must not go on witch hunting trip as a result of this manual.  Rather, we must use these teachings in a positive way that translates into helping the needy.





Defined in simple terms:


The process of casting out demons is called deliverance

The ministry of deliverance MUST go hand in hand with the ministry of evangelism.



The absence of this vital ministry in any church results in spiritually disabled Christians being raised in the church.




  1. Jesus commanded it. Mark 6:7; Mark 16:15-18; Matt. 10:1-8


  1. Jesus practiced it. 2:2-20 with Mt. 8:28-34; Mat.9:32-33; Matt. 12:22 with Lk. 11:14; Matt. 15:22-29 with Mk. 7:25-30; Matt. 17:14-18 with Mk. 9:17-27 and Lk. 9: 37-42; Mk. 1:23-26 with Lk. 4:33-35; Mk. 16:9 with Lk. 8:2-3; Matt. 8:30-32; Matt. 4:24; Matt. 8:16; Mk. 3:22; Lk. 4:41.


From these many scriptures [and the many more unrecorded instances Jn 21:25], it is obvious that Jesus spent a good deal of time ministering deliverance to the possessed. Lk. 4:18 and Acts 10:38

What He did, He expects us to do also! John 14:12


  1. The disciples practiced it. Mk. 9:38; Lk. 10:17


  1. Peter practiced it Acts 5:16


  1. Paul practiced it Acts 16:16-18; Acts 19:12


  1. Philip practiced it Acts 8:7


With these multitudes of precepts, practices and patterns concerning deliverance in the scriptures any one who gets involved in deliverance ministry today has solid scriptural backing.








Are they real?


There is no doubt that the Bible, interpreted in normal fashion, testifies very clearly to the reality and activity of demons.



Evidence from the Old Testament

  1. A spirit being spoke through the serpent in Genesis 3 and caused the fall of man. Satan may be considered a demon, since he is named the “ruler of the demons” [Matt. 12:24]
  2. A demon volunteered to be a “lying spirit” to Ahab 1 Kings 22:20-22
  3. There were spirit beings energizing the world rulers in the time of Daniel Dan. 10:13, 20
  4. No fewer than five different Hebrew words are translated by the Greek Septuagint version of the Old Testament by the well known New Testament Greek words daimon or daimonion. They are shedbim [Deut. 32:17; Ps. 106:37], setrim [Lev. 17:7] ‘elilim [Ps. 96:5] gad [Isa.65:11], and qeter [Ps.91:6]


Evidence from the New Testament

More than 100 references to demons sprinkle the New Testament. Four Greek terms definitely refers to demons. Diamon is used once in the critical editions of the New Testament [Matt. 8:31]. Daimonion occurs 63 times, and pneumata [spirits] appears 43 times. The general term for angels, angelos, describes demons in several contexts [Matt. 25:41; Rev. 12:7, 9]

It is significant testimony to the reality of demons that every writer [though not every book] of the New Testament, except the author of Hebrews, mentions demons or evil angels. Even Hebrews however, directly names the devil [Heb. 2:14].


Evidence from the testimony of Christ

  1. Jesus accepted the fact that Satan was the ruler of an army of demons. Matt. 12:22=28
  2. He regarded Satan and demons as morally responsible persons who were guilty and assigned to the lake of fire Matt 25:41
  3. He placed His claims to messiahship partly on His miraculous ability to cast out demons. Matt. 12:28
  4. He gave His disciples authority to cast out demons Matt. 10:1
  5. A larger part of His ministry involved the casting out of demons.

The gospels record seventeen mentions of demons connected with the ministry of Christ, and in nine cases they specifically state that Jesus cast out the demon.


From all these evidences, we cannot profess to believe the Bible and deny the reality of demons, either in Bible days or now.


Who are they?

Demons are spirit beings that have an intense craving to occupy physical bodies.

Apparently, their first choice is a human body; but rather than remain in a disembodied condition, they are willing to enter even the body of an animal. Lk. 8:32-33


What is their origin?

There is a problem concerning the exact origin of demons, since it is not precisely stated in the Bible.

There is good evidence, however that demons are fallen angels aligned with their leader and chief demon, Satan.

In his original rebellion, Satan drew with him a great number of angels; perhaps a third of all created Ezek. 28:18, Rev. 12:4.


They may now be classified as either confined or free. The free have their abode in the heavenlies and have access to earth and its inhabitants Eph. 3:10, 6:12


Some are in the abyss or pit Rev. 9:1-11…a place to which Christ cast many. Lk. 8:31

Others are bound on earth…in river Euphrates

Rev. 9:14

Jude 6 describes a particularly wicked group of demons as “kept in eternal bonds”.



What is the nature of Demons?


  1. They are personal beings.

This is evidenced by the fact that:

[I] Personal pronouns are applied to them Lk. 8:27-30

[ii] They may assume personal names, such as “legion” Lk. 8:30

[iii] They use intelligent speech Lk. 4:33-35, 41; 8:28-30

[iv] They recognize the identity of Christ Mk. 1:23-24 and of Paul Acts 16:16-17

[v] They exhibit emotion of fear and trembling Lk. 8:28; James 2:19

[vi] They have will Matt. 12:44

[vii] They have ability to speak.


  1. They are powerful beings.


[I] Highly intelligent Ezek 28:12

[ii] Capable of carrying out strategies on the local or world wide scene Eph.6: 11-12; 2Cor. 2:11

[iii] May control and overpower men.  Acts. 19:14-16; Mk. 5:1-4, 12-13

[iv] Their powers can be used in terribly wicked fashion. Rev. 9:1-11; Rev. 9:13-19

[v] They can produce deceptive miracles 2Thess. 2:9


  1. They are spirit beings.


[I] They are contrasted with flesh and blood, that is beings with bodies Eph. 6:12

[ii] They are among the invisible creatures of God Col.1:16

[iii] They may appear in visible forms as if they were angels of light 2Cor. 11:14 or as hideous and fearsome beings Rev. 9:7-10, 17; 16:13-16


What are their activities?

[I] Promoting Satan’s program Eph. 2:1-2; Dan. 10: 13, 20; John 12:31; Eph. 6:11-12; 2Thess 2:8-10

[ii] Opposing God’s purpose Isa. 14:14; Ezek. 28:16, 18; 2Thess 2:3-4; Rev. 16:14 Rev. 20:7-9

[iii] Opposing mankind. Job 1:12-19; 2:7 Rom. 1:18-32; Eph. 2:1-3; Matt. 9:32-33; Matt.12:22; Lk. 13:11,17; Matt 17:15-18, Matt. 4:24; Lk. 7:21; Mk.5:5; 9:22; Rev. 18:2, 24; Rev. 9:14-19

[iv] They oppose believers in Christ by:

[a] Attacking their confidence in God and His word Matt. 16:22-23; 1Tim. 4:1

[b] Tempting them to sin 1 Chron.21:1-8

[c] Promoting immorality 1 Cor.7:2, 5

[d] Breaking up Christian marriages

[e] Introducing false teachings 1 Tim. 4:1-3

[f] Causing divisions James 3:14-16; 1 Cor.3:1-4

[g] Creating harshness and lack of forgiveness 2Cor.2:5-11; Eph. 4:26-27

[h] Hindering communication and inciting misunderstanding 1 Thess 2:2-18


Unclean Spirits as mentioned in the Bible

[The Dirty Dozen]


  1. Spirit of fear 2 Tim. 1:7
  2. Spirit of heaviness Isa.61:3
  3. Lying and seducing spirit Jn.8:44
  4. Spirit of jealousy Num. 5:14
  5. Deaf and dumb Spirit Mk. 9:17-29
  6. Perverse spirit Isa. 19:14
  7. Spirit of haughtiness Pro. 16:18
  8. Spirit of infirmity Lk. 13:11
  9. Spirit of whoredom Hos.4:12
  10. Spirit of antichrist 1 John 4:3
  11. Spirit of slumber Rom. 11:8
  12. Spirit of disobedience Eph.2:2






  1. A family background in the occult or false religions EX. 20:1-5
  2. Other negative prenatal influences
  3. Pressures in early childhood James 3:16
  4. Emotional shock or sustained emotional pressure 1 Pet.3:6
  5. Sinful acts or habits Lk. 22:3
  6. Laying on of hands
  7. Idle words
  8. Inheritance
  9. Demonic contact
  10. Cultural dance
  11. Tribal rituals
  12. Unforgiveness
  13. Carved objects
  14. Charms
  15. Haunted Places
  16. Curses
  17. Pagan festivals
  18. Music
  19. Movies
  • Name other means……..


Persons Who May Need Deliverance Include:


  1. Individuals conceived in adultery or fornication.
  2. Individuals whose parents contemplated an abortion.
  3. Individuals given up for adoption.
  4. Individuals abandoned by one or more parents.
  5. Individuals who were orphans.
  6. Individuals who have been abused as children.
  7. Individuals raped or molested.
  8. Individuals whose mothers had a difficult pregnancy.
  9. Individuals whose mothers had a long and hard labor.
  10. Individuals who almost died during the first few years of life.
  11. Individuals who had imaginary playmates during childhood because of loneliness.  (This is often familiar spirit.)
  12. Individuals who have been chronically ill all their lives.
  13. Individuals who have suffered from handicaps from childhood.
  14. Individuals exposed to pornography early in life.
  15. Individuals who saw something traumatic such as murder or a fatal accident.
  16. Individuals who grew up in a war zone.
  17. Individuals who have been ridiculed all their lives.
  18. Individuals who ran away from home early in life.
  19. Individuals who have been depressed (chronically).
  20. Individuals diagnosed as manic depressant or schizophrenic.
  21. Individuals who have had learning disabilities.
  22. Individuals who have been incarcerated.
  23. Individuals whose parent(s) were alcoholics.
  24. Individuals whose parents went through a divorce or separation.
  25. Individuals whose parents argued and fought in the home.
  26. Individuals who are angry or bitter with their parents, brothers, or sisters.
  27. Individuals exposed to drugs at an early age.
  28. Individuals who are homosexual or lesbian or were introduced to these lifestyles during some point in their lives.
  29. Individuals with a history of sexual perversion in their bloodline (adultery, rape, incest, etc.)
  30. Individuals who have been accident-prone all their lives.
  31. Individuals with a history of poverty in their lives or families.
  32. Individuals who engaged in lifestyles of cheating, robbing, theft.
  33. Individual who are chronic gamblers or spendthrifts.
  34. Individuals who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, nicotine, or food.
  35. Individuals who are afraid of being alone.
  36. Individuals who are afraid of leaving the house.
  37. Individuals who are extremely uncomfortable around people.
  38. Individuals who are intensely jealous of others.
  39. Individuals who hate certain groups of people (i.e., Jews, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc.).
  40. Individuals who were ever involved with the occult.
  41. Individuals with a history of freemasonry in their families.
  42. Individuals who have attended a séance.
  43. Individuals who are attracted to, or have gone to readers, advisors, and psychics.
  44. Individuals who were involved in marital arts.
  45. Individuals who involved in yoga or transcendental meditation.
  46. Individuals who were involved in a false religion.
  47. Individuals who were involved in an abortion.
  48. Individuals who have gone through a divorce, separation, or a bad relationship.
  49. Individuals who were ever controlled by their parents, or any other person or group of people.
  50. Individuals who have chronic headaches or mental confusion.
  51. Individuals who have a difficult time reading the Bible or praying.
  52. Individuals who have a difficult time attending church.
  53. Individuals who have a difficult time worshipping or praising God.
  54. Individuals who hate being touched by people.
  55. Individuals who are afraid of trusting people or getting close to people.
  56. Individuals who are chronic liars.
  57. Individuals who are chronic daydreamers.
  58. Individuals who are tormented by nightmares and bad dreams.
  59. Individuals who have a problems with masturbation.
  60. Individuals who dress provocatively or seductively.
  61. Individuals who have been tattooed or have multiple piercing in the flesh.
  62. Individuals who gossip, slander, and murmur constantly.
  63. Individuals who have attempted suicide or thought of killing themselves.
  64. Individuals who desire constant attention.
  65. Individuals who constantly backslide and leave the church.
  66. Individuals who go from church to church.
  67. Individuals who have a problem letting go of or forgetting the past.
  68. Individuals who are paranoid and think people are out to get them.
  69. Individuals who were members of a legalistic church.
  70. Individuals who had a controlling pastor or came from a controlling church or denomination.
  71. Individuals who are still grieving over the death of a loved one although it has been years since the passing.
  72. Individuals who constantly hear voices.
  73. Individuals who have a difficult time keeping a job, finding job, or paying their bills.
  74. Individuals who are always taken advantage of, abused of, or misused by other people.
  75. Individuals who have had miscarriages or are barren.
  76. Individuals who are asthmatic, have sinus problems, or epilepsy.
  77. Individuals who have psychic ability, can read people minds, or know things before they happen.
  78. Individuals who were dedicated to the devil at an early age.
  79. Individuals who have been rebellious or disobedient all of their lives.
  80. Individuals who blame other people for all of their problems.
  81. Individuals who can’t rest, sleep at night, or have insomnia.
  82. Individuals who are perfectionists and become angry when things are not perfect.
  83. Individuals who are lazy, slothful, sloppy and unorganized.
  84. Individuals who hate bathing and keeping themselves clean.
  85. Individuals who are addicted to exercise and dieting.
  86. Individuals who are not or over-concerned about their appearance.
  87. Individuals who feel they are ugly and unattractive.
  88. Individuals who are workaholics and work themselves to exhaustion.
  89. Individuals who are over-religious.
  90. Individuals who have a hard time believing God loves them.
  91. Individuals who keep standing up to go out during services.
  92. Individuals who are preoccupied with death and dying.
  93. Individuals who are vagabonds or a wanderers.
  94. Individuals who have a hard time submitting to authority
  95. Individuals who are unapproachable and hostile towards people.
  96. Individuals who are attracted to guns and weapons or keep them in their possession.
  97. Individuals who are afraid of demons, deliverance and subject of deliverance.
  98. Individuals who fall asleep in services and can not pay attention
  1. Individuals who have preoccupation with religious symbols, clothing,

icons, statues, etc.

  1. Individuals who have a preoccupation with horror movies and the


  1. Individuals who have an inordinate affection for animals and pets.
  2. Individuals who desire to drink blood or sacrifice animals.
  3. Individuals who have ever murdered someone or have desire to kill


  1. Individuals who have ever made pledges or oaths to false gods, Satan, occult organizations, gangs, etc.
  2. Individuals who have blasphemous thoughts constantly entering their minds (cursing God, etc.).
  3. Individuals who are afraid of the police or authority figures.
  4. Individuals who are loners and don’t have any friends.
  5. Individuals who have desire to expose their bodies.
  6. Individuals who hate children or babies.
  7. Victims of successful or unsuccessful kidnapping attempt.






  1. The deliverance worker must be born again. 2Tim. 2:6; Psa. 50:16; Lk. 6:39
  2. Holiness of Character. 2Tim.2:21

If a man is to be used of God, his life must be clean; not only his outward life as the world sees it, but his inward secret life as it is known only to God and to himself. How few who attempt to help others in the name of the Lord think sufficiently of this! If they did, it would strike them that the eternal would never use dirty tools, that he thrice holy Jehovah would only select holy instruments for the accomplishment of His work. No wise man would pour his wine into foul bottles, no kind and good parent would allow his children to go and see an immoral play; and God would not go to work with instruments that would compromise His own character!

Isaiah 52:11 “Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean thing, go ye out of the midst of her; be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the Lord.” See also Acts 19:13-17

  1. A sound growing relationship with Jesus Christ in prayers, fasting, biblical studies, etc. etc.
  2. Working knowledge of the scriptures. Matt. 4: 4, 7, 10
  3. Must be filled with and sensitive to the leading and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Act 1:8; Acts 10:38; Lk. 11:20
  4. Genuine interest in helping people
  5. Patience with people
  6. “ Get wisdom, get understanding…Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding.” Prov. 4:4,7

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upraideth not, and it shall be given him” James 1:5


The Person Requesting Prayer

There are several requirements the person requesting prayer must have if the deliverance session is going to be productive:


  1. A desire to be free
  2. A willingness to faithfully fill out the questionnaire and other relevant forms.
  3. A willingness to be converted and start living for God
  4. A willingness to forgive others
  5. A willingness to keep the spirits out.
  6. A willingness to abide by post-prayer instructions


The Physical Place of Prayer


  1. Must be private yet unquestionable.
  2. Must be a safe place where the one being prayed for cannot get hurt during violent manifestations.
  3. Must have adequate supply of tissue
  4. Must have waste paper basket.
  5. Must have prayer throw clothes.
  6. Must have chairs for the one being delivered and the ones offering prayer.


Gathering Information


  1. It will be helpful if those prayed for complete LEGAL WAIVER and OUESTIONNAIRE forms
  2. From the questionnaire, you will be able to determine where the person is spiritually. Use this knowledge to introduce Christ or bring about a restoration to Christ should you be dealing with a backslider.
  3. Go through the scriptures that will help the person’s faith in God.
  4. Lead the person in a general prayer, which may include but is not limited to; confession of sins; forgiveness of others, renunciation of occultic involvements.
  5. Led by God’s spirit and information provided in the questionnaire, go after the spirits one by one.


Helpful Suggestions:


  1. As much as practicable, assign at least two workers to each case.
  2. Avoid working alone with the opposite sex
  3. Select the right worker to deal with each case
  4. Choose the right time and place for the session
  5. Rotate the team members so as to give them time to rest.
  6. Restrain those with violent manifestations to avoid injury.
  7. Sit directly in front or beside the person being prayed for.
  8. Never close your eyes.
  9. Exercise compassion.
  10. Speak in a calm voice
  11. Look the person in the eyes.
  12. Decide whether to touch the person or not.
  13. Never interrupt another worker
  14. Several workers should not cast out several spirits at the same time
  15. Do not believe everything the spirits tell you, rely heavily on the Holy Spirit.
  16. Sometimes a second deliverance session may be better than a long drawn out exhausting one.
  17. Do not be fooled, the fact that manifestations have stopped does not mean that deliverance is complete. Patiently go after every one of the spirits identified in the questionnaire.


The actual prayer for deliverance


The ordinary deliverance prayer contains the following elements:


  1. The authority that forces the evil spirit to go: the name of Jesus Christ. 10:17


“In the name of Jesus Christ…”




  1. The command


“…I command you…”


  1. The one to whom the command is directed: the evil spirit


“…you spirit of ____…”

Ideally, the spirit is commanded by name [for example, Spirit of hate, Spirit of lust, etc.].


  1. What you command the spirit to do


“…to depart…”


  1. How the spirit is to go


“…without doing harm to ________ [name the person]


  1. Where the spirit is to go


“…and I command you to go to wherever Jesus chooses to send you”


Forms of manifestations.

Manifestations take various forms but the most common ones are:


  1. Burping
  2. Foaming
  3. Yawning
  4. Gassing or farting
  5. Tears
  6. Screaming
  7. Sneezing
  8. Nasal discharge
  9. Spitting
  10. Vomiting
  11. Chocking
  12. Barking
  13. Roaring
  14. Coughing
  15. Groaning
  16. Crying
  17. Quacking
  18. Shaking and sweating




You can tell whether the Spirits have left through:


  1. The deliverance team’s discernment
  2. The victim’s discernment
  3. Plain human observation


Mass Deliverance…by Win Worley


Deliverance can also be administered to many people at one time. This is known as Mass Deliverance. It helps pave the way for one and one deliverance.


Mass Deliverance Prayers


Forgiveness, Confessions and Prayers


Fathers, I confess that in the past I have held unforgiveness, sometimes bitterness and resentment in my heart against certain people who have hurt or disappointed me.

I now recognize this as sin and confess it as sin, for you have said in your Word that if we confess our sin, you are faithful and just forgive us our sins and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness (1John 1:9)

I do now forgive the following people I can remember, who have hurt or disappointed me. {Insert here the names of all who come to mind}. I now freely forgive all these people and ask you to bless them if they are living. I also forgive myself for all my many faults and failures for you have freely forgiven me.

Thank You, Father for freedom from the load of unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Confessions of Contact with the Occult

Father, I confess to You, that in the past, through ignorance, curiosity or willfulness, I have come into contact with certain occult things. I now recognize this as sin and confess it as sin and claim forgiveness in Jesus’ Name.

Specifically I do confess as sin and renounce all contacts, which I have had with the following occult things: {name all that come to mind}.

I also renounce and confess as sin any false oaths, which I may have made to any false god and any idolatry in which I have been involved.


Closing the doors to Satan


Satan, I rebuke you Jesus’ Name and I am closing any doors, which my ancestors or I may have opened to you and your demons. I renounce Satan and all his demons; I declare them to be my enemies and I want them out of my life completely.

In the name of Jesus Christ I now claim deliverance from any and all evil spirits, which may be in me. Once and for all I close the door in my life to all occult practices and command all connected and related spirits to leave me now.


Breaking Curses


In the name of Jesus Christ I break any and all curses placed against me by witchcraft and command the curses and spirits from them to return to senders. (Psalm 109)

In the name of Jesus Christ I break any curses of rejection from the womb or illegitimacy which may be in my family, even back to ten generations on both sides of family.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I now renounce, break and loose myself from all demonic subjection; from any ungodly soul ties to my mother, father, grandparents or any other person, living or dead, who have ever dominated or controlled me, in any way which is contrary to will of God and the Word of God.

I thank you Lord for Setting me free. I also repent and ask you to forgive me if I have ever dominated or controlled some other person in the wrong way.


Renunciation of Psychic Bondage


In the name of Jesus Christ I now renounce, break and loose myself and all my descendants, from all psychic heredity, demonic holds, psychic powers, bondage, bonds of physical or mental illness, or curses which may be upon my family line as a result of sins, transgressions, iniquities, occult or psychic involvements of myself, my parents or any of my ancestors (my spouse, any and all ex-spouses, or their parents, or any of their ancestors.

In the name of Jesus Christ I now renounce, break and loose myself and all my descendant from all evil curses, charms, vexes, spells, jinxes, psychic power, bewitchments, witchcrafts or sorcery which may have been put upon me or my family line; from any person or persons or from any occult or psychic source. I renounce all connected and related spirits and command them to leave me now. I thank you Lord Jesus for setting me free.


Cutting Evil Soul Ties


Father I break and renounce, cut and break all evil soul ties, which I may have with, lodges, religious system, adulterer, drunkards, close friends, cults, etc.


Loosing the Mind


In the name of Jesus Christ, I command Satan and all of his demons to loose my mind completely. I ask You, Father, to send Your angels to break, cut and sever all fetters, bands, chains, ties and bonds of whatever sort the enemy has managed to place on my mind by word or deed. I ask You to loose into me and my family the spirits of the Lord: Wisdom, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, Fear of the Lord, Power, Love, Sound, Mind, Grace, Peace, and the Spirit of the Lord.


Restoration of Fragmented Soul


Father, I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ to send out angels to gather up the fragments of my soul and restore them to their rightful place in me. (Psalm 7:2, 23:3)

With the full power and authority of the Lord Jesus, I ask that angels unearth and break all earthen vessels, bonds, bands or bindings which have been put upon my soul by any means.

Restore all the pieces of my fragmented mind, will, emotions, appetite, intellect, heart, and personality. Bring them all into proper and original positions where they belong.

Confessions of Sins of the Fathers


In accordance with Leviticus 26, I do now confess the sins of my ancestors: idolatry, witchcraft, occultism, lust, adultery, divorce, perversion, rebellion, stubbornness and wicked heart of unbelief. I claim forgiveness because of the provisions in 1John 1:9, break the curses and lift the curses, whoredoms and iniquities from my descendants and me. I command all spirits associated with these to leave me and my family and go wherever Jesus wants to send them.


Prayer of Surrender to Jesus


I come to you Lord Jesus, as my Deliverer. You know all my problems, all things that drive, torment, defile, and harass me. I now loose myself from every dark spirit, from every evil influence, from all satanic bondage and from every spirit in me, which is not a spirit of God.

I command all such spirits to leave me now in the Name of Jesus Christ. I confess that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, redeemed, cleansed and sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore, Satan has no more place in me, no more power over me because of the blood of Jesus.


End of Renunciation (Group Leader)


Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ, I put you and all of your legions on notice that I am attacking you from my position in Christ at the right hand of my Heavenly Father in the third heaven. This places me high above you, principalities, powers, thrones, dominions, world rulers, rulers of darkness, kings, princes and every other angelic rank under your command.

In Jesus mighty name, I ask the Heavenly Father for sufficient legions of the holy angels to bind all satanic forces here and in the air overhead, that they will not be able to interfere in any way with God’s people being delivered.

Furthermore, I command in Jesus’ name that the free demonic spirits in this place be securely bound and taken where Jesus sends them; that they can in nowise interfere.

I take authority from the third heaven where I am sated in Christ and remind all evil spirits that you must obey when I call your name or your family name. You are to come out of the people and go to wherever Jesus sends you.


[The group leader now begins calling out the spirits]


All Spirits of: Occult: Ouija Board, Sorcery, Witchcraft Control. Witchcraft, Water Witching, Magic, Voodoo, Divination, Fortune Telling, Jeanne Dixon, Edgar Cayce, Irene Hughes, Automatic Writing, Handwriting, Analysis, Tea leaf, Coffee Grounds, Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Palm Reading, Astrology, Horoscopes, Signs of Zodiac,

Hypnosis, ESP, Spiritualism, Medium, Séance, Table Tipping, Necromancy, Levitation, Clairvoyance, Astral Projection, Transcendental Meditation, Eckankar, Soul Travel, Mind Control,

Eastern Religious, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Ching, Krishna, Zen, ESP, PSI, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Rosicruicians, Theosophy, Unity, Metaphysics, Bahai, Scientology, Inner Peace Movement, Spiritual Frontiers, Uranlia, Moonies, Children of God, The Farm, Islam, Black Muslims, The Way, The Walk (and other groups using the bible and denying or omitting the divinity of Christ and /or the efficacy of His death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead or denying the existence of heaven or hell).

Biorhythm, Yoga, Karate and all the Marital Arts, Acupuncture, Freemasons, Eastern Star, Pierced Ears, Tattoos, Charms, (Hexagram, Pentagram, Ankh, Italian Horn, Goats, Head, Unicorn, Flying Horse, Rainbows), Enchantments, Fetishes, Potions, Spells, Dungeons and Dragon, Psychic Readings, Reincarnation, Pyramid, Clairaudience, Mental Science, False Visions, Superstitions, Amulets, Talismans, Satanism, Karma, Hex Signs.

Laziness, Self-Deception, Impatience, Pride, Leviathan, Ugliness, Self-Hate, Irritation, Ambition, Loneliness, Despair, Hopelessness, Suicide, Death, Confusion, Rejection, Misery, Depression, Torment, Torture, Doubt, Unbelief, Greediness, Ugliness, Covetousness, Guilt, Shame, Condemnation, Evil, Heart of Unbelief.


For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power,

and of love, and of a sound mind.

(2Timothy 1:7)


All spirits of Fear of: Giving and Receiving Love Freely, Death, Pain, Falling, Darkness, Dogs, Cats, Insects, Snakes, Crowds, Water, Drowning, Satan, Storms, Loss of Salvation, Judgment, Purgatory, Hell.

Spirits of: Wrath, Anger, Temper, Contention, Childish, Self-Will, Fighting, Military, Jim Jones, Murder, Abbadon, Osmodeus, Destruction, Vandalism, Malice, Envy, Resentment, Bitterness, Jealousy, Pride, Hysteria, Fits, Convulsions,

Child Abuse, Divorce, Separation, Broken Heart, Wounded Spirit, Bruised Emotions, Deep Hurt, Unforgiveness, Revenge, Vengeance, Seething Anger, Rage, Schizophrenia, Paranoia,

Profanity, Blasphemy, Filthy Conversation, Lying, Gossip, Slander, Whining, Complaining, Self-Pity, Criticism, Mockery, Foolishness, Ridicule, Perversity.



I separate Ahab and Jezebel and forbid them to communicate of hinder this deliverance in any way in Jesus Name. I break the curse of Jezebel back to ten generations on both sides of the family.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I cut, sever, and break all cord, snares, controls and bondage used by these evil spirits. Father, send angels to break all yokes of bondage to Jezebel and Ahab spirits.

I command the Mother-child relationship to be broken and all Ahab and Jezebellic patterns in the marriage.

All spirit of Jezebel, Manipulation, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Babylon, hatred of men, rebellion toward men, father, husband, male authority, God, Domination, Masculine Spirits, Untamed Tongue, Temper, Destruction of Family Priesthood, Women’s Lib.

All spirits of Ahab, Nimrod, Baal, Passivity, Laziness, Hatred of Women, Mother, Wife, Fear of Women, Childishness, Cowardice, Hidden Anger, Sluggard, Self-Hatred, Rejection, Confusion.

I break every curse of Automatic Failure Mechanism in the families, ten generations on both sides of the family. All spirits of Poverty, Discouragement, Failure, Worthlessness and Rejection must leave now.

All spirits of Addiction rooted in Rejection: Gluttony, Overreacting, Bulimia, anorexia Nervosa, Bingeing, Addiction and Craving for Food and Sweet.

Addiction and Craving for and Bondage to all Alcohol: wine Drinking, Mockery, Strong Drink, Hangover, Morning After the Night Before, Deception and Stupidity.

Addiction and Craving for and Bondage to all Drugs: Marijuana, LSD (Acid), Speed, TBC, TPC, Mescaline, Angel Dust, Cocaine, crack, Heroin, Valium, Amphetamines, Diet Pills, Barbiturates, Tranquilizers, Phenobarbital, and all mind altering drugs.

All Spirits of Lust: All the sex spirits which entered through the eye, ears, participation, transfer or by inheritance:

Masturbation, Guilt, Shame, Condemnation, Pornography, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Sex Perversion of all kinds Including Oral sex, Anal sex, Bestiality, Sadism, Masochism,

Incest, Rape, Fornication, Adultery, Immorality, Occult, Sex, Prostitution, Harlotry, Uncleanness, Filth, Filthy Dreams, Filthy Conversation, Filthy Imagination, Sexual Flashbacks, Sexual Fantasies, Frigidity, Impotence, Cruelty, Incubi, Succubi, Lasciviousness, Lewdness, Nudity, Promiscuity, Flirting, Seduction, Lust of the Eyes and Lust of the Flesh.

Come out of the sex organs, the lips, the tongue, the taste, buds, throat and mind, in Jesus’ name.

I break all curses of Deformity, Infirmity, Sickness back to ten generations on both sides of the family. Arthritis, Pain, Swelling, Infection, Cancer, Ulcer, Tumor, Cyst, and Weakness come out now.





Disease and Allergies


I break the curses of Allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities back to ten generations on both sides of the family; Spirit of Hay Fever, Asthma, Bronchitis, and other sinus, and Respiratory System Allergies, leave the people now.

All spirits causing Swelling, Itching, Burning, Infection, Excess Drainage, Irritation comes out of the lungs, the bronchial tubes, the mouth, and the sinuses.

All allergies to food and chemical substances come out of the blood stream and every organ of the body. Specifically spirits from Poisons, Methane, Ethanol, Formaldehyde, Contaminated Blood, come out of the immune system, the liver, the endocrine system, the brain and central nervous systems.

Spirits of Hemorrhoids, Muscle Spasms, Cramps, Drowning, Asphyxiation, choking, Smothering, Fainting, Suffering, Swelling, Fits, Convulsions and Epilepsy.

Heart Failure, Heart Attack, Heart Disease and the fear of all these. Come out of the muscles of the heart, out of the valves, the nerves and the blood vessels.  Spirits of High and Low Blood Pressure, Hypoglycemia,

Diabetes, Gall Bladder problems, kidney infection, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Crippling, Pneumonia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Psoriasis, Enema, Acne, Warts, Moles, Fungus, Bone Breaker, Back Breaker, Traumatic Shock and Paralysis.

Cataract, Glaucoma, Astigmatism, Blindness and all kinds of eye trouble. Deafness, Hard of Hearing, Vertigo and troubles related to the ears and hearing.


Religious Spirits

Legalism, Externalism, Hypocrisy, Religious Bondage, Religious Slavery,

Religious Murder, Lust and Ambition for Recognition, Lust and Ambition for Position, Lust and Ambition for Power and Control in Religious matters.

False love, False Gifts, False Tongues, False Discernment, False Word of Wisdom, False Prophecy, Religious Dominance, False Laying on of Hands;

Self-Serving, Selfishness, Greed, No love, Religious Coldness, No Compassion, Robbing, Cheating, Pretense, False oaths, Rigid Theology, Blockages, Obstructionism, Hatred of the Truth, Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammaz.


Babylonian Spirits

Roman Catholicism, Idolatry, Catholic Baptism, Prayer to the Saints, Dedication to the Priesthood or to be a Nun, One True Church, One Holy Priesthood, Mass, Holy Eucharist, Adoration of the Host, Incense, Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary, Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, Holy Mother Church, Authority of the Pope, Fear of the Priest and Nuns, Confession, Holy Water, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Holy Family;

Stations of the Cross, Rosary, Crucifix, Candles, Blessing of the Throat/St.Blaise, Joseph, Guardian and Protector of Mary and Jesus, Fear of Hell, Fear of Purgatory, Guilt, Condemnation, Unworthiness, Good Works, Mind Control, Holy Orders;

Extreme Unction, Confirmation, Sacraments, Human Bone Relies in the Altars, Benediction, Genuflecting, Feast Days of the Saints, Votive Candles, Witchcraft Control, Forced Celibacy, Poverty, Religious Medals, Sacrifice of the Mass, Indulgences, Infant of Prague, Religious Hatred;

Worship and Veneration of Mary, Immaculate Conception of Mary, Sacred Heart of Mary, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mary Queen of Heaven, Mariolatry, May Altars in Honor of Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Mercedes, Our lady of Fatima, Our Lady of the Snows, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of Martyrs, Queen of Peace, Mary, Star of the Sea;

Novena, Scapulars, Spiritual Blindness, Spiritual Deafness, Feast of Peace (Christmas), Feast of Life (Easter), Lent, Destruction of the Family Priesthood, Passion Spirits of Agony and Ecstasy, Ashes on Ash Wednesday, St. Therese, Little Flower, St. Christopher, St. Jude, St. Catherine, St. Ann, St. Elizabeth. Etc.


If needed, some lists of other specialized spirits follow:


Arrested Development


Pamper me; Having My Own Way; Spoiled; Grandpa and Grandma’s Little Girl; Daddy Little Girl; No discipline; Control Parent by Manipulation; Lying; Three Year Old; Coloring the Truth, Getting What I want Regardless of cost; Playing on People’s Sympathy; Want to Return to Womb;

Irresponsible; Tantrums; Childish Self Will, Crying; Kicking; Screaming, Ugliness, Scrawniness; No Shape; Skin Disorders; I Hate My Body; Unable to Date; Cannot find a Date; Can’t Marry, Dodging Responsibility; Too Young To Work; Too Young to have Children; Too Young to Baby Sit;

Lesbian spirits; Abnormal Childhood; Abnormal Sensitivity; Abnormal Adolescence; Abused Child; Addiction to Junk Food; Sexual Impurity; Adultery; Ahab; Jezebel, Anger; Depression; Anti Discipline; Anti Family; Separation from Family; Inferiority Complex; Apprehension; Argument;

Bad Habits; Addiction to Chocolate; Addiction to Sugar; Addition to Pop, Candy, Bedwetting, Compulsion, Knuckle Cracking, nose Picking, Thumb Sucking, Bitterness, Resentment, Unforgiveness of Mother, Father, Brothers, Sister, etc.

Blockages in Family Relationships, Feelings, Growth, Maturity, Normal Family, Normal Ministry, Normal Life, Personality, Responsibility; Bondage, careless Indifference, Abuse by Father, Child Molestation, Child Condemnation;

Childish Gossip; Childish Greediness, Childish Parental Arguments; Threatening Parents and Children; Competition, Compromise; Confusion; Contention; Control; Life Patterns Control; Contrariness; Criticism; Criticized Childhood; Cursing;

Daydreaming; Daydreamer; Childish Dreams, Demanding; Depression; Disagreeable; Discord; Discontentment; Discouraged Life; Disputing; Disgusted; Disrespect for Church, Mother, Father, Elders, Disobedience to Parents; Disunity, Divorce; Domineering Mother/Father; Doom;

Escape from Reality; Fantasy; false Accusations; False Compassion for Mother/Father, etc; False Friends; Guilt; Family Accuser; Family Destruction; Family Disunity, Family Rejection by Mother/Father; Family Separation; Fantasy Baby; Fantasy Childhood; Personality spirits of Dad/family; Fantasy Parents, Grand-Parent; Fantasy Play Time; fantasy Personality, Fears, Fault Finding; Fear of Losing Mother, Father, Relatives, Friends, Family.

Fear of Rejection; Fear of Financial Failure; Bankruptcy; Block Finances; Hard Times; Poverty; Role Playing; Fornication; Shame; Frustration;

Hatred for; Authority, Proper Food, Mother, Father, Grand-parents, Friends;

Heavy Pressures; Hopelessness; Temper; Hurt feelings; Hyperactivity; Idle Pouting; Idol Worship; Immature Adolescent Mind/Decision Making; demanding Family Relationships; Immature Self Discipline; Waiting; Jealousy, Job, Lack of Appreciation.

Misunderstanding; Lack of Will Power; Laziness; Leader of the Home; Child Dominance; Learning Difficulties; Loneliness, Lonely Childhood; Lost Interest; Lost Communication, Lost Family, Lying; Malnutrition; Mental Disorder;

Messiness; Mind Confusion, Mind Control, Insanity; Schizophrenia; Morning Moods, Nasty Mouth; Negative Approach; Negative Attitude; Anxiety, Bad Nerves; Oppression, Nervousness; Heavy Oppression; Nervous stomach; Nervous Breakdown;

Nicotine; Controlled Sleep Pattern; Night Time Fears; Forbidden Sleep, Insomnia; Overtired; Recurring Dreams; Restless Nights; Pressure Sleep; Tormented Dreams; Over Protected, Parental Correction, Planned Disobedience; Perseverance, Procrastination; Quitter; Rebellion; Prenatal Rejection; Rejection From Workers, Employers, Restless Spirits; Revenge; Rushed Childhood; Sadness at Meal Time; Self Condemnation; Slothful; Solitude; Grief; Suicide; Tattletale; Timid; Tormented Childhood; Unclean, Oversensitive;

Shallow Mind; Ungodly Discipline; Ungrateful; Unlearned Behavior; Unstable Adult; Vain Babbling, Violence, Worry, Wasted Childhood; Addiction Nervosa; Bulimia; Loss Of Appetite, Starvation; Withdrawal; Wounded Spirit; Disunity; Failure;

Hate; Miscommunication; Lack of communication; False Feelings; False Friendship; Satanic Discipline; Deliverance Block; Freedom Block; Fear of Animals/Dark; Bad luck;

Block Financial Blessings; Block budget; Covetousness; Discouraged Worker; Fear of Giving, Fear of Future; Financial Ruin; Greed; Hardship; Losing Job; Over Generosity; Over-spending; Foolish Spending; Theft.


Arrested Body


Physical growth and development slowed or stopped muscular dystrophy (muscles arrested). Down’s Syndrome (Mongoloid); retardation (brain cells arrested); Epstein Barr virus; bodily functions and day to day skills; bedwetting; visual and audio problems; stunted motor skills; midget and stunted growth.





Arrested Soul


(Mind) learning disabilities; fear of learning disabilities; slow reader; slower hearer; dyslexia; dysgrahia; dyscalculia mental block; fears and insecurities; and social problems caused by these; blocked learning confusion; spatial; motor and other perceptual deficits resulting from head injuries and/or meningitis; memory; communication; impulsivity; short attention span; schizophrenia.

(Will) Strong self will; spirit of the child; childishness; doesn’t want to leave security by growing up, tantrums, and fits, childish self will, self live, self love, immaturity, slothful, laziness, control by parents, always wanting their ways, irresponsible, inability to put away childish things self.

(Emotions) rejection; fear of rejection; mental abuse by parent; control and dominion over protection; double mindedness; doubt and unbelief; wavering; rebellion; rejection from father and mother; loneliness; over dependence on others; anger; frustration; outcast.

(Spirit) Leviathan retards spiritual growth and development; impairment of senses; faulty judgment and discernment, misunderstanding of scriptures; false doctrine; false gifts; error and heresy; slothfulness; inexperience; guilt and condemnation from all these; devourer (eating of precious time with the Lord and his Word on things that matter in eternity); spiritual schizophrenia; uncertainty concerning the Lord’s voice and will.


Alcoholic Syndrome Spirits

The following is a list of spirits, which have been found in alcoholics and their descendants to the fourth generation.




  1. {Inherited} alcoholic and additive patterns.
  2. {Inherited} alcoholic and additive personalities
  3. Iniquities and whoredoms rooted in sins of the fathers
  4. Co-dependency (rules non-drinking family members
  5. Drug addiction



Addictive Behavior Demons


Alcoholism—Addiction to other substance after quitting

Drug addiction—Alcohol &drugs are the top life priority

Drug personality—Compulsion for drugs and alcohol

Drunkard—Craving for sweets, sugar and caffeine


Spirits of Sexual Immorality


Abortion—Debauchery and Seducing spirits

Adultery—Incest, Fornication, other Lusts, Immorality, Uncleanness

Blasphemy—inflamed passions, Ancestral Sins, Profanity, Foul Mouth, Conceived in Drunkenness/Lust, Burning Passions, Degradation, Licentiousness,


Demons Who Hurt Others


Cruelty—Murder, Rage, Seething, Anger, Temper Tantrums, Malice

Destruction—Verbal and Physical Threatening, Martial Arts

Explosion—Retaliation, Verbal Abuse

Hatred—Self-hatred, Violence

Hurting People’s Feelings—Slander, Malice, Gossip



Demons Affecting the Body

Blackouts—Sleeplessness, Nervous Stomach

Hangovers—Nervousness, Red eyes, Headaches

Hypoglycemia—Physical Illness, Infirmity, Poor Eating habits

Liver disorders—Nervous breakdown, Cirrhosis]

Various physical illnesses (including emphysema)



Demons Affecting the Mind

Anxiety—Fear of Being Rejected, Mental Instability, Paranoia

Blurred Mind—Fear of Failure, Mind Blanking

Confusion—Resentment, Schizophrenia, Fear of being unwanted.

Controlled by guilt—Guilt and Insecurity, Guilt Ridden, Self Hatred, Intimidation.

Deep Hurt—Hopelessness, Hatred of Others, Inability to Give or Receive Love Freely.

Defeatism—Impairment of Judgment, Indecision, Shame, Condemnation, Depression, Inability to Communicate, Slow Thinking, Worthlessness, Despair, Sorrow.



The following steps are suggested for daily use to help the one prayed for keep the deliverance experience:


  1. They must confess the general areas in which they have received deliverance positively and gratefully in prayer. Rom. 10:9-10
  2. Meet each new day trusting the Lord’s power to help them. Gal. 3:3
  3. They must expect continuous and increasing freedom where Satan has previously bound them or used them for his purposes.
  4. They must move forward in faith without even a glance over their shoulders at what is now past. Phil. 3:13-14
  5. Remind them that anything the devil whispers to them is a lie Jn. 8:44
  6. They must constantly resist the devil. James 4:7-8
  7. They must not hesitate to use the name and the blood of Jesus against the devil. Rev. 12:11, Rom. 8:1
  8. Avoid sin like a plague 1 John 5:18
  9. Rely upon the Holy Spirit to guide and control their lives, emotions, desires and imaginations. Rom.12: 1-2
  10. They must take and make time to read, study and meditate on God’s word. Josh. 1:8; Col.3:16
  11. Wear the whole armor of Spiritual Warfare everyday Eph. 6:10-18
  12. They must keep their eyes and ears open for all the sneaky traps the devil will leave around for them. James 4:7-8
  13. Consecration of their thoughts and plans on what glorifies Christ will ensure their continuous victory. Col. 3:1-3
  14. Warn them to never think they can make it alone. John 15:5
  15. They must break up wrong friendships and choose positive, clean-living friends who put Christ first. James 4:4; Phil 4:8
  16. Be very prayerful Matt. 26:41; 1Thess. 5:17
  17. Be filled by and walk in the Spirit




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