Christian apologist Dr. Walter Martin wrote on cults

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Anybody here familiar with a Dr. Walter Martin? Wrote a lot of books on cults and stuff. Was a Christian apologist. He did a discussion in 1985 on the doctrine of the Trinity with the General Superintendent of the UPCI and the guy that was President of their college. It was rather interesting.

Michael Marquez [02/20/2016 7:19 PM]
Yes I have that on mp3s. It’s very good.

Michael Marquez [02/20/2016 7:22 PM]
There are other sources which address the Oneness issue. Check out spiritual abuse .org. They have a good list of resources on Oneness.

Michael Marquez [02/20/2016 7:29 PM]
Do you have concerns or you know someone who is Oneness?

Brody Pope [02/20/2016 7:31 PM]
Well I find there views intriguing. I have a friend on here who is Oneness. Great guy, but I just want to get to the meat of their view of the Godhead.

Michael Marquez [02/20/2016 7:47 PM]
Basically they believe there is only one person in the Godhead and its Jesus.

They deny the pre existence of Christ which seems to be a blend of Arianism coupled with Dynamic Monarchianism. This is where it makes them cultic. They also believe in Baptismal Regeneration a requirement for salvation.

What I described above I would class it as the Modern Day Oneness Theology. Oneness when it appeared at the “revelation” of 1914 even though they baptiszed in Jesus Name, did not deny the preexistense of Christ or did they believe you had to be baptized to be saved. They believed that salvation occurred before baptism, though they highly encouraged baptism.

Check out:
God In Three Persons by Carl Brumback
Christianity without a cross by Thomas Fudge (former oneness)
Oneness Pentecostals and the Trinity by Gregory Boyd (former oneness)

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