Challenge all bacon lovers, ham eaters, and all…

Tom Steele |

Terry Wiles [11/24/2015 2:48 PM]
Not when they are served out of the same kitchen. You need to talk to a rabbi about that.

Tom Steele [11/24/2015 2:53 PM]
You are talking about Jewish kosher laws, which add way more to it than what the Bible actually commands. God told us certain animals are not to be eaten. Jewish Rabbis came up with all this other stuff, like saying you can’t mix meat and dairy.

Terry Wiles [11/24/2015 3:01 PM]
The scripture fully disagrees with your position

Glynn Brown [11/24/2015 4:12 PM]
Jesus declared all foods clean. Mark 7:19

Timothy D McCune [11/24/2015 4:40 PM]
You Must follow God not the Torah, why do I say this because we are not under the law of the Old Testament that makes up the Torah. We are under Grace because Jesus came and Died for you and I.

Link Hudson [11/24/2015 5:08 PM]
Tom Steele, if you think well slaughtered beef is kosher, then I could challenge you to eat a whole long horned cattle horn and to drink a whole bladder full of bull urine. I suppose drinking enough urine could kill you. It’s not a matter of a toxin in it, not a matter of whether bovine animals are kosher.

Joshua Silva [11/24/2015 5:16 PM]
Timothy D McCune agree. Galatians 5:18. Also, Matthew chapter 4 verse 7. Jesus said unto him, it is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the lord thy god. So the idea of eating poisonous things would be ignorant.

John Kissinger [11/24/2015 5:20 PM]
just eat the fines bratwurst in honor of this discussion Alan

Tom Steele [11/24/2015 6:19 PM]
Yes Link, I know you insist that it is OK to eat whatever you want despite my sharing numerous articles that conclusively say otherwise, articles that nobody has ever been able to write a solid rebuttal to. People just throw out the same handful of NT verses that aren’t clear and have been proven from the context and original language to not actually be saying that it’s OK to eat unclean animals. You seem like a bright individual, why don’t you take up the challenge? Read through my articles on the topic and write a rebuttal using the same level of facts, history, science, and of course the Bible to support your rebuttal. If you can do that I’ll have a little more respect for you or anyone else who thinks I am wrong on this. Here’s the link to my blog archives if you don’t already have it (if the link doesn’t take you to the blogs it should take you to my home page and you can click “NOTES” under the cover picture):

Glynn Brown [11/24/2015 6:42 PM]
The whole article lacks common sense and an adequate understanding of scripture. ‘Justifying pork would justify eating poison frogs’ is utter nonsense, scripture States what was ritualisticly clean and unclean, these dietary restrictions were to differentiate Jew from Gentile. But the new covenant did away with this differentiation (there is neither Jew nor gentile) we are all one in Christ.

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    Street Preacherz

    The ham is gone. We made pea soup. It was good. Healthy to. The marrow makes the difference.

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