Can/Should #Pentecostal #Theology be scholastically defined?

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Can/Should #Pentecostal #Theology be scholastically defined?

David M. Hinsen [07/17/2015 8:55 PM]

John Kissinger [07/17/2015 8:56 PM]
Nothing is definitively. Only God is an absolute!

David M. Hinsen [07/17/2015 8:56 PM]
Ha! So you caught it

John Kissinger [07/17/2015 8:57 PM]
Pentecostalism is a movement!

Charles Page [07/17/2015 8:58 PM]
Pathway Sunday School literature board has that responsibility!

John Kissinger [07/17/2015 8:58 PM]
Pathway does not hold (c) on the original curriculum(s)

John Kissinger [07/17/2015 9:00 PM]
Marquette University: What is Pentecostal Theology According to the Theologians

John Kissinger [07/17/2015 9:01 PM]
Mark Biteler This last one is pretty good but not holistic for some reason

Mark Biteler [07/17/2015 10:07 PM]
Christianity is, by definition, supernatural.

John Ruffle [07/18/2015 2:56 AM]
Pneumatology. (But I bet I spelt it wrong, haha!)

David M. Hinsen [07/18/2015 2:56 AM]
Oh if you did, there’s one to correct it

John Kissinger [07/18/2015 7:07 AM]
if there’s no defining, is there a danger of open revelation?

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