BIBLICAL HEBREW for beginners

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A friend of mine is looking for a suitable BIBLICAL HEBREW for beginners. Any good suggestions out there? Rick Wadholm Jr

Rick Wadholm Jr [04/27/2015 10:22 PM]
Self teaching?

John Kissinger [04/28/2015 6:00 AM]

Rick Wadholm Jr [04/28/2015 10:42 AM]
Basics of Biblical Hebrew by Pratico and Van Pelt offers the widest range of resources to help and is about the simplest Biblical Hebrew grammar I’ve encountered.

John Kissinger [04/28/2015 11:01 AM]
This edition here?

Rick Wadholm Jr [04/28/2015 11:08 AM]
No. He’ll want the second edition:

Rick Wadholm Jr [04/28/2015 11:09 AM]
There is also a workbook he can order and I recommend the “Survival Kit” as well:

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