Baptism in the Holy SPIRIT in the New Pentecostal Catechism by Henry Volk

Baptism in the Holy SPIRIT in the New Pentecostal Catechism by Henry Volk
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a-pentecostal-catechismThere can be no assurance of the remission of sins but in the holy Catholic Church. It is to faith unfeigned, and the use of the sacraments, that the promise of forgiveness is confined All sins are, in the first instance, omitted at baptism, and are afterwards remissible, upon sincere repentance. – Charles Wesley, Commentary on the Church Catechism

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Pentecostals have essentially followed Parham in viewing Spirit Baptism as a separate experience from salvation and sanctification. Following Parham, Pentecostals have always looked to the biblical evidence to substantiate their beliefs about the spiritual gifts.
Q. 89. What is the Baptism in the Holy
A. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is an outflow and fulfillment of the promises given in water baptism, a strengthening of communion with the Spirit and an immersion into him, and an imbuement of power from on high.
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Acts 2:38


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    its NOT a thing of the past Henry Volk Joe Absher

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    Joe Absher shall not live by bread alone

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      but also with a Catechism? Henry Volk

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    The Evidence of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit

    How does a person know if they have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit? Is there any evidence to show that a person has received? Fortunately the Scriptures show us that there is evidence that one has been baptized with the Holy Spirit. In order to demonstrate this we are going to revisit the texts in Acts that were cited in the previous section.

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