Bank Closes Christian Ministry Teaching Homosexuals Can Change

Bank Closes Christian Ministry Teaching Homosexuals Can Change

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In a move heralding the coming oppression to Christians everywhere, a bank in Northern Ireland has closed the account of a Christian ministry for teaching that the power of the Holy Spirit can redeem a person’s homosexuality and change them into heterosexuals, as per the biblical revelation in 1 Corinthians 6:9 “and such were some of you.”

Barclays Bank has followed other companies like Paypal and Mailchimp in shutting down their services to Core Issues Trust, a “Christian nonprofit that supports men and women seeking voluntarily to change their sexual preferences and gender expressions” after a sustained social media backlash against them.

As a result of being dropped by the bank, CIT is planning on suing the company, alleging religious discrimination and that Barclays is “acting as a moral arbiter of what views in society are acceptable and not acceptable.” Lawyer Michael Phelps who is representing the firm said in a statement:

“This is about the belief [CIT] holds concerning sexual orientation — that it is not necessarily innate or that you are born with it, that it can change over time, and that change can in part be affected by therapy that you undertake. Barclays is not being asked to propagate a message it disagrees with, but to provide a bank account.”

Anything resembling “conversion therapy” and the suggestion that sexual orientation is fluid is severely despised in the UK, with even conservative-ish Prime Minister Boris Johnson promising to ban the practice in the country, commenting: “On the gay conversion therapy thing, think that’s absolutely abhorrent and has no place in a civilized society, and has no place in this country.”

Of course, it is illogical to say that you can change your sex, and you can change your gender, but your orientation is set in stone and never be changed or altered, or at least it can only be changed in one direction, from straight to gay, but never the other way around.

When the Democrats gaining power, and intolerance from leftist and leftist companies brewing, expect to see more of the same on this side of the pond soon.


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