Authority Through Love and Humility

Authority Through Love and Humility

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Love and humility were typically Jesus’ way to operate with authority, proclaiming and demonstrating the truth. That should be our way as well.

Responsibility Comes with Authority

Along with God’s authority comes the responsibility to use it. To see people Born Again, we must preach the Good News. And He has given us the authority to have signs and wonders following and confirming the preaching of The Word.  Now, that is the demonstration that accompanies the proclamation if God’s Word.

Jesus’s style of love and humility sets an atmosphere for the Word to be received

And there is yet another side of “demonstration.” While sometimes it takes miraculous signs to get through with the Good News, Jesus’s style of love and humility sets an atmosphere for the Word to be received.

An unbeliever may need some powerful sign before opening up to the Gospel. But a religious person who doesn’t really know the Lord may cling to error they already believe unless we approach them not with “you’re wrong,” simply making them defensive, but winning them over with love and humility first, which will open them up to the truth.

We don’t have to expose to them all their wrong beliefs, since Holy Spirit will gently do that through us and others after they are saved and tasted and seen that the Lord is good.

Demonstration Is Two-Fold

So, I conclude that the demonstration of God’s Word when we proclaim Jesus, is two-fold: Yes, with power and authority, but first with love and humility.

Another thought: Should we get a person saved first so they will have faith to receive their healing, or healed first to convince them and open them up to the Gospel?

We can’t limit God; we see in the Bible that He works both ways. That’s one of the many reasons we need to be sensitive to Holy Spirit within, to lead and guide us in individual situations.


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Ray E Horton

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