As Election Day draws near..

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Terry Wiles |


As Election Day draws near here is Something to think about…

The Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel, pioneer of medical advances from suturing and transplants, wrote on the wonders of the human body and “Man: The Unknown. Carrel said,

“How can you understand living man just by dissecting dead bodies?” He said, “Fear.” “It dilates cells, it constricts muscles, it causes organic lesions, and it’s responsible for 90% of the sickness that afflicts man.”

He’s not alone. Other distinguished doctors have said not only is fear the number one power to destroy through physical maladies; but it’s fear of the future and what it holds for the individual that kills many.

In this background of a problematic world it doesn’t matter much whether it’s Trump, or Clinton, or someone else in the White House. We’re too far down the road in problems for man to solve them.

Global terrorism, ISIS, hypocrisy, racism, and the pressures materialism, is causing a rise of stress and fear. There is a kind of fearful decadence in the West that turns our glory into shame by calling marriage a union between two men, calling a man a woman because he wants to be one, and calling a baby’s legs and arms and hearts “fetal tissue” for the taking.

We’re spending 1.6 billion dollars daily on arms and armies. But still we’re in a world of maelstrom and cross-current confusion.

And in the economic world there is chaos. An unnamed man on the rules community of the international board of trade was quoted as saying, “What kind of rules can you write? We’re like children in the dark.”

There are so many voices that bombard the ears and hearts and minds of people. Voices of a collapsing world economy. Voices of war and terror that minds cannot imagine. Voices with daily announcements, crying out for people to be on the watch because at any moment exists an imminent catastrophe.

In many ways these are the worst of times. But in many ways these are also the best of times.

The Good News is that the best of times exist even in the worst of times.

God is always at work loosening individual people from the group-think of the prevailing culture of unbelief.

When you get on a bus, or go to the gym, or stand on the sidelines of your child’s sporting event, don’t think of people as specimens of culture. Think of them as individual people that God may be leading to repentance.

Be ready to share the Good News with them. And don’t be ashamed to do it. For the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.

The only one that can walk safely through the storms is a child of God who knows the truth about love: how to receive love, how to give love and how to be love.

Our young people (who are often confused about which way is the right way) want to love and be loved. But they are full of fear and torment.

What they see and practice is not True love. It’s a lie. When the lie is sampled, it drives them to despair of life itself.

But the Bible tells us there is a cure for fear and despair.

1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

The only one that can be free of fear is a child of God that has supernatural peace. This peace will not be found in the social engineering of today or in the cries for personal freedom.

The Bible is very clear on this.

Psalm 119:165
Great peace have those who love Your law.

To love something you have to know that thing. There is such a void of knowledge that is missing. And that is our responsibility. Our responsibility is to teach them.

John 14:26
Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives. So that your heart will not be troubled.

This is words of music to us. It is from the lips of God Himself.

This same God, “The Word” said to people like me and you: People with itching ears will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions. They will turn away from listening to the truth. They will wander off into myths. But as for you: Know the Word and teach the Word to your children.

2 Timothy 4:2
Preach the word. Be ready in season and out of season. Reprove. Rebuke. Exhort with complete patience and teaching.

Jesus talked about commotions and turmoil. He said when you hear about them do not be terrified. Instead, rejoice. Look up. There is redemption from the commotions.

With half the marriages going on the rocks. With confusions about sexuality to the point what many people don’t know what sex they are or want to be.

With young people so troubled that they despair life itself and many chose to end life.

There is every reason to fear.

Many won’t look at themselves because they can’t stand what they see. Others look without faith and they fall apart. The volumes of agitations are so great that it’s impossible to number them.

It is the worst of times. But it is the best of times.

But we don’t come into this place to review the darkness. We come to consider how to bring light into darkness.

The Bible says the prophetic word is what people need to hear. If you will pay attention to the prophetic word the morning star will rise up in your hear.

2 Peter 1:19
[The prophetic word is like] lamp shining in a dark place.

We don’t fear to look at the darkness. Why? Because we can turn on the light.

Some will be deliberately ignorant. They will say all things continue as they always have. Their hearts will fill up with fear. Jesus Christ said some, “Men’s hearts will fail them for fear.”

But others will find peace because they look up and hear God’s word. They will find peace when they call upon the Lord.

When that happens people will know the truth that will set them free.

Is there anyone here today that needs to be set free from sin and fear? I want to invite you to go to God in prayer.

Remember the Nobel prize winner Carrel. Consider his comment on prayer from his eyes as a medical professional.

“If you make a habit of sincere prayer, your life will be very noticeably and profoundly altered. Prayer stamps with its indelible mark our actions and demeanor. A tranquility of bearing, a facial and bodily repose, are observed in those whose inner lives are thus enriched. Within the depths of consciousness a flame kindles. And man sees himself. He discovers his selfishness, his silly pride, his fears, his greed’s, his blunders. He develops a sense of moral obligation, intellectual humility. Thus begins a journey of the soul toward the realm of grace.”

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