Another horrific truck-bombing in Baghdad


Another horrific truck-bombing in Baghdad this am. At least 47 wounded. We hardly notice. This kind of demonic stuff is so comon. But it is an important spiritual opportunity. That is to turn to good what the Devil has meant for evil. Pray that THOUSANDS of Iraqis finally say “enough with Islam” and turn to the Lord and the true book of God (Bible). It is already happening in unprecedented numbers, and we need to pray MORE Lord, MORE! That hundreds of thousands be converted! Below is an older blog posting on this, but the spiritual dynamics of prayer are the same:

Troy Day [03/07/2016 5:43 AM]
Do you think Trump or Clinton will put a stop to this when elected president? David Lewayne Porter David M. Hinsen Jimmy Humphrey

Jimmy Humphrey [03/07/2016 5:45 AM]
He will only spread it

Troy Day [03/07/2016 5:46 AM]
Do we need a NEW Pentecostal and Holiness Statements on War and Peace?

David Lewayne Porter [03/07/2016 6:55 AM]
Troy Day peace peace, yet there is no peace. I doubt trump or hillary can or will fix any of this. No one else will either.

William DeArteaga [03/07/2016 8:50 AM]
The real peace-maker is prayer and revival.

John Kissinger [03/07/2016 8:57 AM]
Bro. William are you following this military training event ?

Troy Day [03/07/2016 5:47 PM]

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