SUPER SUNDAY in POLITICS: Clinton wrote 104 classified emails

Troy Day [03/06/2016 9:14 AM] Winners and losers from the March 5 presidential contests. Is CRUZ back?

Troy Day [03/06/2016 9:16 AM] Did @J. Lee Grady from Charisma MAG just divert all attention away from Clinton? “We will probably also hear a lot about Hillary Clinton and her chances of shattering the glass ceiling in American politics—but I’m not convinced that all the great women heroes of the past would be cheering for her political views.” said Grady in this article:

Troy Day [03/06/2016 9:17 AM] Why Pastor Robert Jeffress tells us It’s Foolish Not to Vote Trump?

Troy Day [03/06/2016 9:17 AM] Why is Steve Harvey for Clinton? During his nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show radio program Tuesday, the talk and television star told his listeners he was going to be endorsing a candidate for president. In introducing Hillary Clinton, he said she has “fought for social justice, equality, and policies that expand civil rights and economic opportunity.”

Troy Day [03/06/2016 9:18 AM] And finally this from C.K. Louis

Troy Day [03/06/2016 9:23 AM]

Troy Day [03/14/2016 5:17 PM]

John Kissinger [03/15/2016 8:11 AM]
Troy Note how the media started shifting focus from Trump to Clinton recently. Wonder why?

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