An Open Letter to Reverend Franklin Graham

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Paul [03/21/2015 12:48 PM]
You were very disrespectful with your comments. I do agree if people would abide by the laws of the land then officers would not have to be combative. it is those who (no matter what color) if they would surrender and not try and fight the police there probably would not have been any violence. Do they have the right to ignore the orders of the police? I THINK NOT!!! You are giving a bad name to Pentecostals. I would bet it was you or people on your staff that are people of color that promoted the writing of this letter. Once again it is individuals such as you who are dividing in the name of your self righteous attitudes. I agree with Jacks comment.

Jody Collins [03/21/2015 8:12 PM]
This letter was originally written and published here. Thank you for re posting it.

Dan Morrow [03/22/2015 7:45 AM]
If the police are the bad guys now, does that give us the right to take the law into our own hands? Why have any authority at all if we’re only going to defy it? Why do we need any type of authority? Why not tear down all the laws and let the people decide who and what is right?

Carl Palmer [03/22/2015 8:56 AM]
Why is it ok to challenge, undermine and question the actions and authority of Mr Obama, the democratically elected President of the U.S.? Whilst calling us to obey Police Officers immediately, unthinkingly and without question or challenge? Both are leaders in authority.


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