America has come to the place where she is voting her interests instead of her principles

David Lewayne Porter |


America has come to the place where she is voting her interests instead of her principles.

Interests are things that we allow because for the moment they do not harm us and they actually further us toward things we desire. Interests accomplish goals regardless if it takes place in a morally sound, or ethically correct manner.

Principles are what we truly believe in and what makes us who we are. They are the standards that we return to when all things around us seem to falling apart and out of control. (They are supposed to be the standards that we live by daily, every day).

My thoughts… America has to get back to her principles and hold to them, standing by them. We must stand with them regardless of whether or not it appears that they are accomplishing anything at this moment.

If we forsake our principles for temporary interests, we just may forget where to find those principles when we actually and truly need and have to have them.

Stan Wayne [03/06/2016 8:48 AM]
You sound like you have someone in mind

Troy Day [03/07/2016 5:37 AM]
Sound’s like the title of your sermon yesterday


  • Reply June 17, 2016

    Mary Ellen Nissley

    Her principles have changed. Her idea of morality has changed. She is still voting her principles and her morality… and the people she puts into office is only a reflection of where her heart is today.

  • Reply June 17, 2016

    Louise Cummings

    Need to pray about every election.

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