ABC’s ‘Scandal’ Main Character Undergoes Abortion Set to ‘Silent Night’

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Pete Fiske |


ABC’s ‘Scandal’ Main Character Undergoes Abortion Set to ‘Silent Night’ #DefundPlannedParenthoodNOW #DefundPlannedParenthood #PPVideos #Scandal #KerryWashington

Thursday night’s episode of Shonda Rhimes’s ABC series Scandal was an hour-long advertisement for Planned Parenthood — so much so that the organization released a statement praising Rhimes and the episode immediately after it aired.

In the fifth-season episode, titled “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” main character Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), wife of the Republican U.S. President, undergoes an abortion while the Christmas hymn “Silent Night” plays in the background. Concurrently, Republican Senator Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) successfully filibusters a bill that would defund Planned Parenthood, allowing it to keep its funding.

John Kissinger [11/21/2015 5:53 AM]
YES – I do think this was an outrageous parallel Alan N

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