A proper #PENTECOSTAL response to University of Missouri

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What would be the proper #PENTECOSTAL response to what’s going on with the University of Missouri?

Roger David [11/11/2015 4:09 PM]

First I would order about 20 pizzas and a bunch if chicken wings and eat them beside those that are on the hunger strike.

Secondly, I’d call all my open air/campus/street preaching friends to meet there and proclaim the gospel to the captive audience.

Third I’d ask the main promoter of the hunger strike if his rich Dad can get me a good job with the railroad where he’s the VP and makes over $8 Million a year. #opressedandlovingit

John Kissinger [11/11/2015 4:10 PM]
if you can eat 20 pizzas you should help raise money for missions http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/whos-up-to-raise-some-money-for-missions/

Roger David [11/11/2015 4:11 PM]
I would be sharing them with my open air preaching friends obviously :p I’m not promoting gluttony.

John Kissinger [11/11/2015 4:12 PM]
aah you will be mixing them with the 666 drink? Rick

Roger David [11/11/2015 4:14 PM]
LOL I don’t drink Monster. oh and as for missions…I support quite a few evangelists(the kind that actually do the work of an evangelist) already. Why do you think I have so many campus preaching, open air preaching, and street preaching friends? 🙂

John Kissinger [11/13/2015 8:02 AM]

John Kissinger [11/13/2015 10:58 AM]

John Kissinger [11/13/2015 11:04 AM]
so Roger David from TX to Missouri you lead the street preacher’s network? http://christiannews.net/2015/10/28/texas-teen-says-teacher-told-students-to-deny-god-in-assignment-or-fail/#st_refDomain=www.facebook.com&st_refQuery=/

Roger David [11/13/2015 11:07 AM]
No..Jesse is a local friend of mine here near Tyler TX. He travels all over the US preaching at special events. There are a group of us that keep in touch so we can cover more ground rather than having too many people preaching at one campus, event, pride parade, etc.. If there was anyone that I would consider a leader of the “street preachers network” it would be Ruben Israel…another friend of mine.

John Kissinger [11/13/2015 11:07 AM]
wonder how such a national endeavor is supported? Alan

Roger David [11/13/2015 11:10 AM]
In my case I work full time and use that money to support my free time endeavors. In Jesse’s case he writes books, does video production, accepts offerings from those that see value in his ministry and for the most part when he travels someone invites him to preach in their area, buys him a plane ticket..lets him stay on their couch and takes care of everything else himself.

Roger David [11/13/2015 11:12 AM]
Ruben also works full time and supports his own outreaches/ministry but I am sure there are some that choose to financially support his outreaches as well. Haven’t heard of that though

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