9 dead in shooting at Methodist church in Charleston, S.C

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9 dead in shooting at Methodist church in Charleston, S.C. Suspect arrested in North Carolina

Pentecostal Theology [06/18/2015 1:13 PM]
“The only reason someone would walk into a church and shoot people that were praying is hate,” Charleston Mayor Joe Riley said.

Charles Page [06/18/2015 1:23 PM]
is there a wave of Christian persecution in America?

Pentecostal Theology [06/18/2015 1:23 PM]
Don’t know, but we are about to advertise more Wed night prayer meetings across this country. Do you think we need it?

Charles Page [06/18/2015 1:26 PM]
Church deacons should be required to carry concealed weapons.

David Rollings [06/18/2015 4:01 PM]
the USA needs sensible gun control laws like we have in the UK.

George A Parker [06/27/2015 11:50 AM]
Satan has a hold of this young man, be careful of what you do with your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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