8 May 2023

8 May 2023

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Gunman kills at least 8, including children, at Texas mall
A lone gunman opened fire at a bustling mall outside Dallas, Texas, killing at least eight people, including children, and injuring seven others. The shooter was killed by an on-duty police officer who happened to be at the mall on an unrelated call.

350 Million People Around the World Heard the Gospel on Live TV – Most Had No Idea It Was Coming
…Take, for instance, the archbishop’s greeting at the beginning of the ceremony: “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.” “Alleluia. Christ is risen,” the archbishop continued. The congregation’s response? “He is risen indeed. Alleluia.”

‘Violation of parental rights’: Germany denies Christian school accreditation
A Christian school has taken its case to the highest human rights court in Europe after German officials refused to grant accreditation because of its innovative hybrid approach, which merges in-person and at-home learning, even though the school fulfills all state-required standards and curricula.

Liberal Utopia: Two-Mile-Long Vehicle Encampment Spotted In California
The growing number of homeless encampments has spread like wildfire throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For years, lawmakers in the state have implemented progressive policies that have backfired, sparking a multitude of crises, including soaring crime, rising homelessness, out-of-control drug overdoses, and population and business exodus.

The Long Awaited Red Dawn, Seven-Pronged Invasion Of America Will Be Set Into Motion Next Week With The Revocation Of Title 42
Steve Quayle once told me that he is seeing unprecedented military movement in Montana. Many are reporting the same all around the country. What we are we seeing is the mobilization for war. Russia and China are preparing to invade the United States. It is my belief that we will be embroiled in a violent internal dispute when the attack comes.

BIDEN EFFECT… Breaking: US Allies Are Preparing for Possibility of War Over Taiwan
The Biden Agenda – Destroy the US and the World in 4 Years Or Less Axios on Monday night warned that US allies are preparing for the possibility of war over Taiwan.

China Wants Killer Robots To Fight The Next War
War grips the world and the most powerful nations on earth go to battle once more. This time, however, it is machines that do the killing, operating free from all human oversight and accountability.

Class-Action Suit Launched Against Australian Government Over COVID Vaccine Injuries
As reports of vaccine injuries gain traction globally, an Australian doctor is leading a new class action against the federal government and key medical figures.

Parody Becomes Reality: Babylon Bee Predicts Gender Bender Friendly Military Recruitment
A year ago, The Babylon Bee wanted to help the US military promote its new recruitment efforts with a stunning and brave commercial advocating for more diversity and inclusion in combat. Now, it appears that the US Navy among other branches is taking parody and turning it into reality.

Analysis of obituaries shows a 40% increase in deaths of younger pilots during 2021
…Dr. Kevin Stillwagon explains in more detail what the ALPA ‘In Memoriam’ list does and doesn’t reveal.  “[There was a] 40% rise in the incidence of pilots dying prior to the normal retirement age of 65. This increase happened in the year 2021. Until proven otherwise, the mandated covid injection is the cause,” he writes.  And explains the mechanisms of how the covid injections are causing deaths.

Unmasking The Great Reset: Schwab, Gates, and the Sinister WEF Plot to Depopulate the World using COVID Vaccines & Climate Change Lies as a Recipe for Disaster
In a world shrouded in suspicion and scepticism, where power seems concentrated in the hands of a privileged few and giant corporations, critical thinkers are raising questions about the intentions and actions of prominent entities such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and renowned figure Bill Gates. Whispers of a grand conspiracy suggest that under the guise of “saving the planet,” a dark agenda to depopulate the world may be unfolding.

Buffett Turns Gloomy: The “Incredible Period” For The US Economy Is Coming To An End
While Warren Buffett’s insights on the economy are traditionally cheerful and uplifting – usually hitting at time of peak pessimism in the form of self-serving NYT op-eds or CNBC vignettes (and usually around the time the Omaha billionaire knows that the government will backstop his TBTF investments, unlike those of pretty much anyone else), on Saturday the head of Berkshire Hathaway had a far more downbeat and gloomy prediction for his own businesses – and the broader economy in general – the good times may be over.

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