Six and seven are unfulfilled.
Many would William Branham a fanatic/legalist today.
His 5th vision has definitely been fulfilled as well as those preceding
I am not a male chauvinist.
America has not been a Christian nation even though they were found on Judeo/Christian ethics.
There has been some things allowed in the USA that I wonder if they were truly Biblical.
Yes most of us have lived under the western culture where we have given supposedly freedom to the ladies.
But just look at the 5th vision, women began to vote, everybody has a right to vote looks innocent. Wasn’t that basically the same thing Satan told Eve, you have the right to be like God, You have the right to be like the man. You can be equal with man.
But that wasn’t what the HOLY GHOST said through Paul in Ephesians 5 the wife be subject to her husband in everything.
Let’s not try to explain it away theologically the way it has been done in the last 60+ years that I know of.
I am not going to name the other individual items that was mentioned, but I believed they were all sins back in the day William Branham was living and they are today.
I know that is not popular. But everything has happened in the 5th vison.
Yes we have allowed women preachers in the Pentecostal movement, but I wonder if the Baptist wasn’t right. I wonder if we Pentecostals went stubbornly down our way saying the Lord is approving of it. These are question I ask of myself.
My Mother was a preacher.
I was married by a woman minister that I respected and she was old fashioned and she preached some good sermons.
God Has used ladies down through the years, but look at the worldliness that has been manifested through them and the men, like Adam do not stand up to them
Yes ladies do have a sway on the natural man, but when it comes to being a SAINT the man is supposed to be leader and the lady follow.
Now what about the 6th vision. The lady is not the Roman Catholic church perse. But the lady is the church, (LAODICEAN CHURCH). The Beautiful woman will come out of this NEW AGE belief that is even infiltrating the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements. That is part of the rebellious spirit in our churches, why young will not learn from the elder. The Cancer that started out as a little spot now has spread throughout the body and the men will not stand up and preach the Gospel and admit we have done wrong because the spirit of this age is in the church.
If men preach the true Word Of God now the Pentecostal movements will ostracize them from their organizations.
If men believe the true word of God and repent along with ladies they will operate like the SAINTS in the Bible days. Until then the Pentecostal church will grow in number, but not in the power of GOD.