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The bible as only sure Word of God, the only yardstick for measuring Truth, the only Rule of Faith and other than the Bible, there is No other Truth. The Bible is very clear, simple, plain and precise in every detail. Are we certain to go home to heaven if we fail to obey God’s word (The Bible)?

The children of Israelites disobeyed God miserably failed him right in his direct holy presence. Can you ever imagine, God leading right over above them day and night by the pillar of fire and cloud, and which never removed or departed, every day.
-[Exodus 13:21,22].

**Apart from God’s direct presence every day;
– *God parted the red sea and they walked on dry ground with walls of water on either side.
– * God provided direct from his heavenly throne right down to their doorsteps, 3 balanced diet, sweet angels food “manna” for 40 years in the wilderness.
– *Yet they groaned for flesh and wished for the meat, they ate in bitter bondage in Egypt and God miracously sent quairls by east wind, also to thier doorsteps.
– * God made fresh water not seen by the sun gushing out from inside the rocks to cool their thirst when they were thirsty for water in the desert.
– * What more, God even preserved and blessed thier clothes and saddles; it did not wear out but lasted for 40 years.
**What else would have God done? What other miracles would have made them faithful and obedient to God’s word..

Yet they worshipped an idol and said this led us out of Egypt and will led us back. And they committed many countless sins, and disobeyed God on many occasions grieving his heart to anger.

Not surprising though, out of almost 4-5 million in number that came from Egypt, (600,000 men on foot besides a mixed multitude, women, and children under 20 years, Numbers 1:3] only two faithful, Joshua and Caleb went to earthly Canaan. All the multitudes that came perished in the wilderness. – [Exodus 12:37,38].

A striking story also of Noah preached for 120 years, only save 8 people, his own family. When animals 7 by 7 clean and 1 by 1 unclean went into opened door that men were supposed to go in, they failed to realized the striking unusual that was happening right before thier eyes because thier eyes have been blinded by the pleasures and enjoyments of the world. Similarly with Lot, only 4-3 saved in Sodom & Gomorrah, and the same also when Jesus came the very first time as a savior born as a baby, only a few welcomed him.
– Genesis 6/7, Genesis 19 & [Luke 2: 25-32,36-38].

How many of use will seriously be ready when Jesus comes as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the final time to take home his faithful best friends home? -[John 14:1-3, Revelation 1:7]..
Are we faithful in tithes and offerings, sleeping on the Sabbath, discussing earthly things on Sabbath, how about movies, sports, entertainments, friends and the things of this world taking priority than Fast and prayers, more prayers, bible studies, fellowships, morning & family alters and active involvement in God’s program..

On the other hand: WHY DON’T WE STUDY THE BIBLE FOR OURSELVES. Going to heaven is a serious Life and Death matter..Our lives hangs on the balances of choices and decisions We make to obey or disobey God, to please or grieve. We can’t afford to follow the crowd and believe, do or follow the doctrines and pagan traditions of the Roman Catholic Church who is deceiving and confusing the whole world, committing fornication with the kings of the earth and making all the people drunk with the wine of her fornication.
– [Revelation 17:1-6]

These teachings and doctrines are not in the bible, not one Bible verse to support and are not biblical. These are Catholic Church’s man-made confused doctrines against God and against the Bible. Your Life hangs in your balance. Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and follow the Bible only than the crowd. If you are still believing, doing and following these traditions and customs, by God’s grace we will not be like the children Israelites but to come out of her God’s people. The same God who led children of Israelites for 40 years every day by pillar of fire at night and pillar of cloud by day so does exactly the same through by his holy written word (the Bible) as we journey our lives home to heaven.
– [Revelation 18:4]

Baptism by sprinkling of water
2] Infant baptism
3] Blasphemy calling Pope as holy father (vicar of God) or Jesus Christ on earth.
4] Mary (mother of Jesus) as intercessor or mediator rather than Jesus Christ.
5] Confession of sins to Priests and Pope
6] Forgiving of sins to Priests or humans
7] Purgatory, Dead n hell or in heaven after death
8] Secret Rapture
9] Bowing down & worshipping of Idols or Statues
8] Christmas 25th & Easter Celebrations, Holloweens…
9] Speaking in strange confused tongues
10] First day of the week or Sunday Rest

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