2023 Mississippi Public Humanities Award winners

2023 Mississippi Public Humanities Award winners

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 From Dr. Stuart Rockoff (@sturockoff), Executive
Director of Mississippi Humanities Council: “These are some of the amazing
folks working to move Mississippi forward. Congratulations on your public
humanities awards!”

Mississippi Humanities Council: “The work of these amazing people has inspired and
enriched our state. We are grateful for their commitment to promoting
understanding, creativity, and critical thinking. Congratulations to all the
2023 Public Humanities Award winners! Thank you for your invaluable
contributions to the world of public humanities.”

From left: Dr. Roscoe Barnes III – Humanities Partner Award; Dr. Ebony Lumumba
– Humanities Educator Award; Jeanne Luckett – Cora Norman Award; Utica
Institute Museum – Reflecting Mississippi Award; Dr. Rebecca Tuuri – Humanities
Scholar Award.

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