2018 NEW WORLD: Prophecy based on this 1988 Title

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Are we THERE YET? 2018

Title of article: Get Ready for the Phoenix

John Conger [11/25/2015 9:16 AM]
Considering some in EU are already talking about changing from the euro because of the effect of collapsing economies (Greece etc) I doubt this is on the works anytime soon

Ricky Grimsley [11/25/2015 10:08 AM]
We already have one currency. SDR’s.

John Kissinger [11/25/2015 12:00 PM]
did you mean the SDR super money printed by the IMF? http://dailyreckoning.com/one-world-one-bank-one-currency/

John Kissinger [12/16/2015 1:09 PM]
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  • Varnel Watson
    Reply December 31, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    2018-1988=30-88 reasons for the rapture to take place in 1988 = -58 + 52 weeks in a year = 6 weeks of tribulation years + 1 for the last Trump Ricky Grimsley

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