15 Dec 2022

15 Dec 2022

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Severe floods and landslides hit Kinshasa, leaving more than 140 people dead, DR Congo

At least 141 people died in floods and landslides caused by heavy rains that hit several outlying districts of the capital Kinshasa (population 15 million), Democratic Republic of the Congo, on December 13, 2022.

5 people killed, 15 injured after large structure collapses during severe hailstorm, Bolivia
At least 5 people have been killed and 15 others injured after an intense hailstorm hit Bolivia’s Achacacha Municipality, Omasuyos Province on December 10, 2022.

Severe thunderstorms spawn destructive tornadoes in southern U.S. 
Severe thunderstorms spawned destructive tornadoes in the southern United States on December 13, 2022, leaving at least one person dead and several people missing. Severe storms with all hazards, including intense tornadoes, and heavy to excessive rain that could cause flash flooding are forecast to continue across the Deep and Middle South on December 14.

Strong M6.3 earthquake hits Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska at 18:40 UTC on December 14, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 83.7 km (52 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 80 km (49.7 miles).

BREAKING: Tension Builds as Rumors that If Troops Are Going to Move in Brazil It’s Going to Be This Week
There are rumblings coming out of Brazil that the military is looking restless and potentially preparing for some sort of response to the 2022 Election in the country.

House report alleges link between China bioweapons program, COVID-19 pandemic
A minority staff report from Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee has alleged a link between the origins of the COVID-19 virus, which wreaked a lethal havoc worldwide beginning in 2019, and the Chinese bioweapons program.

 Victory Over Killer Robots as San Francisco Agrees to Ban Them—For Now 
In a stunning 8-to-3 vote Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors banned the SFPD from using deadly force with remote-controlled robots. The Board also sent the killer robot policy back to its Rules Committee for revisions and more public comment. This is a big reversal: just one week ago, the Board voted 8-3 to authorize the SFPD to use these killer robots.

Alabama, Utah ban TikTok on state-owned devices over security concerns
The states of Alabama and Utah banned Chinese video app TikTok on devices owned by their respective state governments, citing concerns over security and data harvesting.

UK Prepares to Introduce a ‘Digital Pound’ Central Bank Digital Currency
The de facto head of His Majesty’s Treasury announced this week that the Bank of England has begun consultations on implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that could usher in the globalist vision of a cashless society in which all transactions are traceable by the government.

What’s Inside The House-Passed Military Spending Bill 
The House of Representatives just passed the mammoth $858 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), an annual must-pass bill setting out defense spending levels.

‘I expect a tsunami of shutoffs’: 20 million American households are behind an average of $788 on their utility bills
The U.S. consumer price index rose 7.7% in October from a year ago — down from a 40-year high of 9.1% in June. But hot inflation continues to hit consumers hard.

Politicians Make New Attempt to Ban Supplements
Known as mandatory product listing (MPL) for dietary supplements, supporters claim it’s a way for the FDA to know what products are on the market and what ingredients they include

Cambridge And Merriam-Webster Dictionaries Change Definition Of What A Woman Is As Our Society And Culture Continue Its Downward Slide Into Darkness
In his prescient novel ‘1984’ that has since turned into a 21st century “how-to” manual, George Orwell wrote about a time when everything would change, the foundations would be destroyed and meaning and definition of everything would radically be altered. Even the meanings of words could no longer be trusted. In 2022 alone, both the Cambridge and Merriam-Webster dictionaries have changed the meaning of what a ‘woman’ is reflect the transgender abomination of our age.

European Parliament Passes Wide-Ranging Resolution Demanding That The New Netanyahu Government Commit To Two-State Solution For Palestine 
In a world before the signing of the Abraham Accords, there is no way I can picture Benjamin Netanyahu ever agreeing to the Two-State Solution creating a Palestinian state on Israeli land. But we don’t live in that world any longer, and Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the tripartite signatories on the Abraham Accords.

Russia Has Primed A Nuclear Bomb That Is 12 Times More Destructive Than The One Dropped On Hiroshima In Warning To The West
Despite predicting the doom of Russia in the current Ukraine conflict, Putin is actually doing quite well here in month number 10. Tens of billions of dollars continue to flow through Ukraine in the form of ‘aid’ and where those dollars finally wind up is anyone’s guess.

German chemical giant BASF will downsize in Europe “as quickly as possible, and also permanently”
Wind and solar advocates in Minnesota often claim that the buildout of these energy sources will create quality jobs and strengthen the state’s economy, but the ongoing energy crisis in Germany, a country wind and solar groups used to champion, shows the exact opposite will happen.

BREAKING: Former Twitter exec Yoel Roth argued for minors’ access to adult internet services in PhD thesis
On Saturday Twitter CEO Elon Musk called out former head of Twitter Trust and Safety Yoel Roth for “arguing in favor of children being able to access adult Internet services in his PhD thesis.”

Euthanasia Has Become Leading Cause Of Death In Canada, Canada Begins Culling Humans
“Now in Canada, they’re currently having a debate over whether or not to extend euthanasia to children.”

#Coincidence – Government Reports suggest Children are dying of Strep A due to immense damage done to Immune System by COVID Vaccination
In the spring of 2022, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) issued a ‘global alert’ about a new form of severe hepatitis that was killing children. Then just days after the W.H.O. announcement, a new scientific study was “coincidentally” published that concluded Covid-19 vaccination has the ability to cause severe autoimmune hepatitis.

Dr. Ryan Cole gives his insights into the contents of Covid “vaccines”
We know the contents of Covid injections are inconsistent and vary from batch to batch.  However, there is debate among independent researchers about some of the ingredients being found in “vaccine” vials, for example, graphene oxide and nanotechnology.

MP calls for the immediate halt of Covid injections and an inquiry into Big Pharma 
“As the data clearly shows to anyone who wants to look at it, the mRNA vaccines are not safe, not effective and not necessary. I implore the Government to halt their use immediately. As I have demonstrated and as the data clearly shows, the Government’s current policy on the mRNA vaccines is on the wrong side of medical ethics, it is on the wrong side of scientific data, and ultimately it will be on the wrong side of history.” – Andrew Bridgen, Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire

Experiments show by reprogramming the electrical communication between cells, organisms grow extra limbs, eyes and heads
Sometimes you find things out that are fascinating but utterly frightening and repugnant. Advances in the field of epigenetics have focused on the role of inter-cellular electrical activity in developmental morphology (shape or structure) of organisms.

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