14th Annual International Round Table Symposium on Religion and Women

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14th Annual International Round Table Symposium on Religion, Women and History

This is a reminder that registration is still open for the 14th Annual International Round Table Symposium on Religion, Women and History during the dates of July 24 – July 27, 2016 at Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford, Oxford, England. Harris Manchester College is one of the thirty-eight colleges that form the University of Oxford and was founded in 1786. We are pleased to invite you to become a member of this Symposium. Membership is limited to approximately thirty-five (35) interdisciplinary scholars who have a particular interest in this subject.

You are invited and encouraged to make a presentation and to provide a paper on a relevant aspect of the topic, however your participation as a member of the Round Table is not contingent upon presenting and you can serve on a panel or as a discussion leader. Papers presented at the Round Table may be subsequently submitted for publication in the Forum on Public Policy. Papers considered for publication in the Forum are evaluated by peer reviewers as to technical and substantive quality and for potential to make a significant contribution to new knowledge in the field.

The session will be facilitated by:

Canon Brian Mountford has been Vicar of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin Oxford for twenty five years. He is also Canon of Christ Church Cathedral and Fellow of St. Hilda’s College, Oxford.

Members of the Round Table have access to an array of academic, cultural and social resources, including the Oxford Union Debating Society, colleges and halls of Oxford dating back to 1204, museums, theatres, bookstores, college chapels, river boating, literary pubs, political clubs and may, on recommendation, become official readers of the venerable Bodleian Library of the University, founded by Duke Humphrey circa 1440 and refounded by Sir Thomas Bodley 1602. Some locations for independent travel would include London (one hour south of Oxford), Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Cambridge or many of the other cultural sights in England.

Topics of discussion will include but are not limited to:

Religious History

· Global Status of Religion in Government

· Toleration as a Concept

· Limits of State Involvement in Religion

· Faith and Reason in Modern Society

· Separation and Coercion

· The Politics of Peace and Conflict

· Religion in the Economic Marketplace Women in History

· African American Women in History

· Women in Early America

· Looking Back, Looking Forward

· Women on the International Stage

· Women in Developing Countries

· Women and Nation Building

· Cultural Identities

· Women & Gender in History

Religion and Science

· Darwin Past and Future

· The Idea of Progress and Science

· The Scientific Method and Religious Thought

· Science, Modernity and Religion

· Teaching Science

· History of Science

· Philosophy of Religion

· Modern Christian Thought

· Theology and the Scientific Method

· Religion in the Face of Modernity

· Secular Humanism and Belief

· Intellectual Freedom and Religion

· Religion and the Public Good

· Religion and Human Rights


· International Order

· Soft-Westernization vs. Hard-Modernization

· Philosophy of History

· Innovation and Tradition in History

· Religious Communities

· Religion and Culture

· The History of the Book

Allusions to God in Literature

· God’s Significance in Literature

· Romantics, Beliefs and Progress

· Faith and Reason

· Holy Patriotism, War and Peace

· Martyrdom and Redemption

· Salvation, Truth and Politics

* God, Freedom and Liberty * Faith, Truth and Reason * Holy Patriotism and War * Romantics, Myth and Progress * Martyrdom and Redemption * Salvation and Politics

Separation of Church and State

· Schools, Madrasses and Religion

· First Amendment Decline

· Health Care Choices for Women

· Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms

· Understanding the Global Scale of Religion and Government

· Traversing Church and State: Faith Based Initiatives

· Re-Examining Separation of Church and State in America

· Analyzing the Aspects of Faith and Reason in Modern Society

· Rationalizing Universal Education, Sectarian or Secular

· The Religious Influence on the Decline of Public Schools

· Government Funding of Parochial Schools

· Exploring the Effects of the Rise of Religious Fundamentalism on Public Schools

· Emerging Concepts of Establishment and Free Exercise of Religion

The conference will run from Sunday night through Wednesday morning. We will have reception and dinners in the Olde Dining Hall on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. The Olde Dining Hall is where Oxford professors and students dine when the university is in session. Lunches are provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday along with tea/coffee/biscuit breaks during the meeting. You can also reserve a room in the Oxford University dormitory at Harris Manchester College where students stay during term time. More detailed information can be found on our web site.

In order to ensure that you are registered in a timely and accurate manner, we recommend that you register on our website at www.oxfordroundtable.co.uk before April 30, 2016. Should you be unable to attend, we would welcome your nomination of a colleague to attend in your place. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Jon Ray
    Reply August 16, 2016

    Jon Ray

    Charles Page not listed as attending speaker? Wha-a-a-a-t? Timothy

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