12 Aug 2022

12 Aug 2022

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France battles extremely violent wildfire, officials warn additional flare-ups could cause it to spread further
France is battling a massive fire in its drought-stricken southwestern region of Gironde for the third day in a row. On August 11, officials are warning that new flare-ups could cause it to spread further.

Extreme drought in Somalia displaces more than 1 million people 
Extreme, multi-season drought in Somalia has displaced more than 1 million people, as of August 11, 2022.

38 people killed, historic buildings and scores of homes collapse after heavy rains hit Yemen 
Heavy rains and floods affecting parts of Yemen over the past 2 days claimed the lives of at least 38 people and completely destroyed at least 10 historic buildings in the capital Sanaa.

Ukraine aid scam: Only 30% of weapons shipped to besieged country have made it to the front lines 
Most weapons shipped to Ukraine have not made it to the front lines. This is something Republican lawmakers have warned about when they opposed a $40 billion aid package.

French Farmers’ Union Official Warns Of Milk Shortage
The president of the largest farmers’ union in France has warned that a shortage of feedstock caused by severe drought may lead to a milk shortage.

Global war on MEAT: Now Ireland is culling cows to fight “climate change”
Ireland is joining The Netherlands with new plans to kill off food-producing cattle.In order to stop global warming and climate change, the Irish government wants as many cattle as possible to be culled. According to the country’s Department of Agriculture, every 10,000 cows that are killed means a reduction of 45,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.

Netherlands to SHUT DOWN 11 200 farms to meet climate goals
If you have followed my reporting you probably know about the protests happening in the Netherlands. Tens of thousands of farmers have taken to the streets to protest against new climate goals which will force farmers to shut down their farms.

China extends wargames around Taiwan with anti-submarine drills ‘to rehearse targeting US forces’
China has announced fresh military drills around Taiwan today, continuing to pile pressure on the self-governing island and its allies in Washington.

World Economic Forum brags that China is controlling weather with “cloud seeding” chemtrail operations 
The world’s largest communist dictatorship, China, has invested some $168 million into efforts to control the weather, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Emboldened IRS demands new hires be willing to KILL AMERICANS … see IRS rifle team training photos and more|
Just two days after the IRS ran a help wanted ad that demanded new hires be willing to kill Americans as part of collecting tax money, illegitimate AG Merrick Garland goes on live TV and lectures the American people, demanding they stop bullying the FBI and the DOJ.

EXCLUSIVE: IRS annual report shows heavily armed agents training to shoot PEOPLE-SHAPED TARGETS… IRS is building a massive paramilitary force armed with “weapons of war”
The IRS Criminal Investigations annual report from 2021 touts photos of IRS rifle fire teams and IRS “police” shooters taking aim at rows of targets that represent American taxpayers.

After The Latest Tweet By False Teacher Beth Moore, People Are Starting To Ask If She’s Even Saved As Her Downward Decline Continues Unabated
From time to time here at NTEB, a false teacher or preacher who started out on our radar as being part of the lukewarm Laodicean Church continues their slide so incredibly that we are forced to recategorize them. False teacher Beth Moore today receives that dubious distinction from us. We used to write about her as being Laodicean, now it would appears she’s just lost.

Government Documents prove the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ is being implemented by design to advance the WEF’s Great Reset 
The mainstream media are currently constantly reminding you of the spiralling cost of fuel to get you from A to B, the hideous cost of gas and electricity to heat and light your home, and the chaotic experience involved with travelling abroad. Alongside doomsday weather reports every 30 minutes because the sun is shining in the middle of Summer.

Government Reports, Pfizer Docs. & Cost of Living Crisis prove your Government is trying to kill you & Depopulate the Planet
….official Government data, confidential Pfizer documents, and real-world events such as the current cost of living crisis, the alleged impending climate change disaster, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence, strongly suggest that there exists an agenda to depopulate the world, and your Government is, in essence, attempting to kill you.

Tom Callender: We’ve Been Under Martial Law since 2020 and Things are About to Get Worse}
Last week Zeee Media interviewed Todd Callender.  They discussed WHO’s pandemic treaty, monkeypox, the worldwide militarisation of public health, OECD’s control of countries worldwide and what we can do to put an end to it all. The world has finally had a chance to see behind the curtain and now we’re in the last steps, Callender told Maria Zeee, host of Zeee Media.  This is our last chance to stand up to our governments and stop it.

Germany’s Health Minister Wants Vaccine Passports To be Colour Coded for Compliance, Just Like China 
German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has announced that the nation’s digital contact tracing and vaccine passport app, Corona-Warn-App (“CWA”), will start assigning different colours to citizens based on whether they received a Covid-19 vaccine within the last three months.

Did Amazon Buy iRobot To Map Inside Your Home?
Amazon.com Inc.’s $1.7 billion acquisition of robot vacuum cleaner company iRobot Corp. is a move by the megacorporation to use Roombas to map the interior of homes. This data type is a digital gold mine for Amazon because if marketers know more about what’s inside, they can easily create tailormade ads.

“Millions Will Freeze This Winter; Or Fall Into Debt To Avoid Doing So”
Yes, today is finally inflation day! Not high unit labor cost inflation day – that was yesterday in the US, which is why markets sold off. Not house price inflation day – that’s every day. I mean actual headline and core US CPI day, where increases in the price of just about everything are likely to be offset by temporary declines in gasoline prices. Yet that still opens the door for a new pre-US mid-terms phase of “sic transitory gloria mundi” back-patting in markets and politic

Visualizing All The Latest Major Layoffs At US Corporations
..In June 2022, Insight Global found that 78% of American workers fear they will lose their job in the next recession. Additionally, 56% said they aren’t financially prepared, and 54% said they would take a pay cut to avoid being laid off. In this infographic, Visual Capitalist’s Marcus Lu visualizes major layoffs announced in 2022 by publicly-traded U.S. corporations.

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