Revival of Study Bibles in 2018

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PERRY STONE STUDY BIBLE: As you may be aware, I have been stirred in my spirit to produce a Perry Stone Hebraic/Prophetic Study Bible, gleaning…

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Ryrie Study Bible

Has anyone here heard of the Ryrie study bible, if so whats your view please? John Kissinger [07/11/2015 9:26 PM]Sure! John Kissinger [07/11/2015…

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What is your opinion about the living Bible as a study guide?

What is your opinion about the living Bible as a study guide?

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We are undertaking the task of comparing and reviewing a growing number of Study Bibles appearing on the book market recently in what appear to be a 21st century Revival of Study Bibles. We will be including some classical titles as well, but overall this study will have three parts dealing with three distinct types of Study Bibles namely: (1) Non-Pentecostal, (2) Pentecostal and (3) Prophecy Related. The following titles are among the ones we have chosen to review in the course of the study:

I. Non-Pentecostal

  1. Orthodox Study Bible – in relations to Eastern mysticism and its historical effect on the Pentecostal experience
  2. Reformation Study Bible – within the scope of formation of evangelical identity among Pentecostals
  3. Wesley Study Bible – with the purpose of studying the relations between Wesleyan-Holiness tradition and Pentecostal theology
  4. C.S. Lewis Bible – in the scope of its relation to Pentecostal and Charismatic ethics and religious praxis
  5. Maxwell Leadership Bible – as per its relations to the leadership paradigms involving and affecting Pentecostal and Charismatic communities
  6. NetBible and its relations to general formations within Pentecostal Theology

II. Pentecostal

  1. Spirit Filled Study Bible – written by leading Pentecostal scholars
  2. Full Life Study Bible – classic Pentecostal and foundation for the youth oriented Fire Bible and the Life In The Spirit Study Bible
  3. Word Study Bible – including selected teachings from Hagin, Copeland, Sumrall, Savelle, Hayes, Osborn, Wigglesworth, Kuhlman and McPherson
  4. Kenneth Copeland Study Bible – considered as a fundamentalist Pentecostal teaching
  5. Jimmy Swaggart’s Expositor’s Study Bible – as an introduction of Pentecostal ethics and praxis
  6. Dake Study Bible – as a classic example on Pentecostalism and Last Days Prophecy coming together

III. Prophecy Related

  1. Scofield Study Bible and its dispensational effect on early Pentecostals
  2. John Hagee Prophecy Bible combining understanding of prophetic themes with doctrines of salvation, covenants, and questions about the Christian faith.
  3. Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible regarded as the most comprehensive prophecy study Bible
  4. Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible combining the knowledge of 48 leading Bible experts of prophecy
  5. Jack Van Impe Prophecy Bible as a valuable source with a wealth of information on Bible prophecy
  6. Perry Stone Hebraic/Prophetic Study Bible gleaning from 44,000 hours of Bible Study and produced within 34 years of ministry

F. Sanders (a.k.a. Theologue) has further compiled a comprehensive list of study Bibles, which we truly recommend.


  • Cameron C Smith
    Reply December 9, 2018

    Cameron C Smith

    I’ve found the Fire Bible to be a great and complete study Bible

  • Shane Whitacre
    Reply December 9, 2018

    Shane Whitacre

    I can tell you one I don’t keep in my library…the jimmy swaggart one. 😊

  • Troy Day
    Reply December 9, 2018

    Troy Day

    Fire Bible studies were written by French Arrington

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