Are demons and fallen angels the same?

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Hannah Mcabe demons are the spirits of the fallen angels offspring, the Giants /  nephilim.. Enoch elaborates on it <3
Isara Mo Hanah plse clarify
Isara Mo Demons are spirits.. fallen.angels are also spiirts
Crissy Ramirez You mean the book of Enoch  ?
Isara Mo Crissy Ramirez  is the book of Enoch in the Bible?
Christian Errice Mallari Baltazar Book of enoch is not a canon. We cant rely on that.
Crissy Ramirez No it isn’t. That’s why I asked her.
Crissy Ramirez In the Catholic bible it is the second book
Isara Mo Crissy Ramirez  ok im not catholic…sorry
Hannah Mcabe Christian Errice Mallari Baltazar bearing in mind it was only discovered within the last  200 years… plus Enoch is reference to ‘in’ the Bible as walking with God, in addition to ‘who canonized’ the bible? i’m inclined to read it at least as interesting reading. but if you think Jude was wrong and Enoch didn’t walk with God? or that the content of the Ethiopian version isn’t interesting and fills in a lot of gaps? then that’s your call.. but Gen 6:4 touches on the nephilim, Enoch elaborates on them… i’m not saying it’s quotable scripture, but it certainly fills in a lot of gaps, especially regarding the times we’re in.. i’m not talking about gnostic stuff, Enoch was loved by God so much he was taken up Gen 5:24..
Crissy Ramirez Isara I am not Catholic either. Point proven.
Isara Mo Isara Mo  im used to the 66 books..not 73
Isara Mo Hannah Mcabe  confusing isnt it?
Christian Errice Mallari Baltazar It fills a lot of gaps. But protestants believed that 66 books are the only canon. Catholics believed the Deuterocanonicals and Apocrypha. We all know what happened to their theology by believing in more than 66 books.
Isara Mo Hannah Mcabe  who ” canonized” the Bible?Were they guided and moved by the Holy Spirit or was it just own human.decision.?Mhhh
Isara Mo Christian  am just wondering  if it is okay to search for truth OUTSIDE  of the 66 or 73 books..Eg from the  Jewish Canon..Tanakh…the Jewish Bible?
Hannah Mcabe Isara Mo Enoch merely elaborates on the fallen angels.. how they influenced our world negatively and many of the sins that are rife today… be careful of Gnostic teachings from the dead sea scrolls though <3but you mention Enoch and Christians get all uppity, even though most of our information about the fallen angels comes from Enoch.. devil has done a fine job of stopping people even looking into his dirty little secrets and how he, even now, is infiltrating the church.  just pray on it, it’s a personal choice <3
Christian Errice Mallari Baltazar @isara mo you can read it. You can look for some information but do not look at it as if you were reading the Bible. I believe the Bible is infallible, and God’s breathe.
Isara Mo Isara Mo  After all the greater portion of Old Testament is derived from there..
Isara Mo Christian Errice Mallari Baltazar  66 or 73?
Gerardo de Dominicis Enoch is a pseudoepigraphic book, it means that someone wrote the book and used the name of Enoch as the author, but was written thousands of years after his departure.  We are not suppose to get our doctrine from that book the same we shouldn’t get doctrine from the US Constitution.
Christian Errice Mallari Baltazar 66 are the infallible and God’s breathe ones.
Isara Mo Gerardo de Dominicis  so you want to say  details about demons and fallen.angels should solely come from the 66 books only?
Gerardo de Dominicis Isara Mo yes. We don’t get doctrine from other books nor private revelations.
Rebecca L Ringler Has anyone heard of a Michael Heiser? I think he may work on some texts in at least one version, but seems to propagate this stuff Christ was not a real historical figure. We know he is real, died for us and thousands are still coming to him.
Isara Mo Rebecca L Ringler  Dear Rebecca i dont know about Michael Hessler neither have i heard of him….There are many people out there with Messlers Christ was not a historical figure… their views cannot change the fact that Jesus is STILL ALIVE and saves.He said ” I was dead( this is histrory now) but I AM ALIVE…and i hold tne keys of death and hell”No human being in.all humam history has uttered these words..THEY ARE ALL.DEAD…AND GONE.AND THEY HAVE NO.PART IN HUMAN AFFAIRS, BUTJESUS……???
Rebecca L Ringler Isara Mo We know Jesus is alive. People come to a saving knowledge of him, have love, hope, forgiveness in their hearts. Satan doesn’t care what lies people believe.
Marc Jackson…/
Isara Mo In 1 Chronicles 21:16  David saw the angel.of the Lord….standing between HEAVEN AND EARTH…..Rev 10;5 John saw an angel of the standing on.the sea and the land..If 1/3 of such species fell. with Lucifer…such gigantic beings, I  cannot imagine a sexual.relations with a human.being..They just  dont fit…..Demons must be of smaller sizes….of human stature to be able to procreate with the daughters of men…(Genesis 5 …dilema)
Gerardo de Dominicis There’s not enough biblical references to have a solid doctrine on demonology, we only know that Satan and his angels oppose the church and God and that there are references to demons and rebel spirits. Are they the same? Maybe or maybe not. Best is to stay in the revealed light that we have and don’t promote as doctrine something that isn’t clearly taught.
Dan Irving Not according to the book of Enoch (which is quoted by Jude.)  The fallen angels’ fathered a race (from their intermingling with female human beings) whose departed spirits are the modern demons.
Joshua A. Humphries Some of them. The hierarchy is sort of like that of the angels, but the main ones on the earth are the group you describe.
Dan Irving Joshua A. Humphries The book of Enoch and its historical background is incredibly interesting.  So many write it off given some of its strange allusions, apparently not understanding that the present text appears a composite of the ancient original vs. later additions.  The book was rediscovered a few hundred years ago, and vindicated with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Further, it is filled with clear Gospel allusions and the apostles repeat many of its allusions.
James Armstrong Vain Jangling
Dan Irving How so?
James Armstrong How is God glorified or a sinner brought to repentance by this decisive and pointless debate.
Isara Mo James Armstrong  this is not a pointless debate.Truth has to be known.I dont believe in ” blind faith” or half truths: if something is untrue shouldnt we say so….Are we in a faith where you just follow teachings and dont ask.questions?Is God glorified when we are afraid to ask.questions?Is God afraid that we ask ” such questions?”I dont
James Armstrong I put no stock in the book of Enoch. He left once, he couldn’t have written it.
Isara Mo James Armstrong  well said…it was no Enock who wrote the book. I agree.He went to heaven or should i say he was ” taken up” years before “invention” of writing( i guess so).
Dan Irving James Armstrong, How is God glorified or a sinner brought to repentance by the the account of Genesis 6:1-4 which deals with the very same subject?
Dan Irving And BTW, Why is mere discussion characterized by yourself as a “debate?”  There was no argument made.
James Armstrong So you want an endless debate about how endless debates are a waste of time.
Dan Irving Some of us don’t mind discussing matters pertaining to scripture.  You are certainly welcome to join the discussion, or to pass.  But to insert a charge of “vain jangling” and to suggest we are arguing, seems uncalled-for, and a bit uncharitable.
James Armstrong Dan Irving  well the debate comes from where people are going to argue about this. It starts as a discussion but now you’ve posted multiple posts to engage me in a side discussion that’s adds nothing to the discussion and actually takes away from it. Hence vain jangling.
Dan Irving Well, I would agree, it has become that.
James Armstrong Not my intention. Honestly i just feel there are more pressing topics. Weather or not nephalim or fallen angels are demons doesn’t really matter. Personally All I need to know is they are all subject to Christ.
Link Hudson I do not think The Book of Enoch is in the RCC canon, but tather the Ethiopian Orthodox canon.  Jude quoted Enoch. One could debate whether what he quoted was the same book.   The book was influential early on. Tertullian wrote that demons were fallen angels and their children.
Dan Irving Have you read the book, Link ?
Link Hudson Dan Irving Parts of it.  I haven’t worked my way through the whole thing yet.



  • Troy Day
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    Troy Day

    hope the book covers this here question John Lathrop Eddie L. Hyatt

    • Eddie L. Hyatt
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      Eddie L. Hyatt

      My latest book, “Angels of Light,” addresses the extremes in prophecy and spiritual manifestions that seem to have arisen within every genuine revival movment in history, and is rampant today. I should be able to post a link to the book and the Table of Contents later this week.

  • Scotty Searan
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    Scotty Searan

    Is there a link to the book. The original post link shows the same as latter posts.
    I guess I can go to Dakes commentary or use the Life In The Spirit commentary.

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