You Can Prophesy! Get Activated NOW!

You Can Prophesy! Get Activated NOW! | Jermaine & Rebecca Francis

Jermaine & Rebecca Francis have the gift of activating others to prophesy!
▶▶Prophecy in Your Daily Life [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Prophecy in Your Daily Life [Digital Download]:

What’s stopping you? Jermaine and Rebecca Francis help you tune out voices of distraction, clearly hear God—and speak!

Nothing melts your heart like a word from God from someone you don’t know.
If you have ever been pierced with a word straight from God, you may have also wondered, “Can I do that?”

Jermaine and Rebecca Francis put it this way. Yes. Because you can hear God, and He knows when He can trust you. You’ll also live closer to God than ever before!

In their new book, Activating the Gift of Prophecy, and 3-CD set, Activating the Prophetic in Your Daily Life, Jermaine and Rebecca demonstrate that God loves to stir things up—as they team up to show you how. For instance:

• Discover the voice of God by different spiritual senses
• Develop a heart God can trust to speak for Him
• Discern soul from spirit when hearing God
• Prophesy in accordance with Scripture and by sound protocol

God’s heart does not change. It is our hearts that need guarding! God delights in the partnership as He builds you up!

Authors Jermaine and Rebecca Francis live in Santa Rosa Beach, FL where they are staff at Christian International Ministries founded by Dr. Bill Hamon. They speak around the world on hearing God’s voice and activating prophetic gifts.

▶▶Prophecy in Your Daily Life [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Prophecy in Your Daily Life [Digital Download]:

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