Steve Maxwell so you think 300 brand new church starters are the same as 300 established churches? You got now clue of ministry then The 2018-2019 stats show decline Pls review before commenting BUT what it is to me right? My church is growing 10% a month = 100% per year when you exclude Easter and Christmas which are harvesting months. We’ve doubled in less than 24 months greatly affecting our area for Christ – a small church down from us got sold by their denomination under the elderly pastor before he retired They only told him the property sold when the deal is done Another one tried to train a young minister to replace him after retiring in 2020 and was cut off by state eldership. Your so called mega church is probably just taking other small churches that are closing down

Philip Williams will understand if this remind me of the Pretty woman movie – Church and members treated like small companies. Part them, sell them, make a buck, merge them into a mega melting pot with no identity A formula for disaster with the millenial generation