Why am I NOT a Calvinist? REASON #6

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Grace is Resistible and many have fallen from grace

John Kissinger [07/24/2015 7:06 PM]
Charles Page fixing to argue you with the words of the song since you are not anymore #SolaScriptura //when you’re done with supper

Charles Page [07/24/2015 7:14 PM]
I’m #solakjv but not #solafide

Charles Page [07/24/2015 7:15 PM]
I’m #solagratia

John Kissinger [07/24/2015 7:18 PM]
Ancient MSS declare that the popularized difficult reading/singing of first line in the second verse “’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear” was originally recorded as: “Twice taught this grace my heart to fear.” It is quite apparent from this ancient sola-red-back-hymnala that the idea of once-saved-always-saved was foreign to the author. Quite the contrary, he introduces the idea of two-grace-touched, clearly a poetical reference to first and second works of grace. Rick Wadholm Jr

Charles Page [07/24/2015 7:21 PM]
the song was written before the man-made doctrine OSAS was concocted! OSAS came as a result of the free will doctrines American/British theologians.

John Kissinger [07/24/2015 7:22 PM]
Oh come on – it does not get more Wesleyan / Arminian:
I shall possess, within the veil, A life of joy and peace.
The sinner possesses life – not life possessing the sinner.

John Kissinger [07/24/2015 7:23 PM]
and then again in the next line “But God …. will be forever mine.”

John Kissinger [07/24/2015 8:27 PM]
Being the case, how can a reformed calvinator truly sing that God’s grace is “amazing”? Alan N Carla Smith Jon Sellers John Earp

Charles Page [07/24/2015 8:32 PM]
When I next meet up with a reformed calvinator I’ll ask her for you!!!

John Kissinger [07/24/2015 9:16 PM]
The senior pastor pulled me aside and, in his infamous dramatic baritone, directed me on how to lead the small group. “I need you to emphasize reprobation,” he said. “I believe it’s essential to understanding the gospel. And these people are way too soft when it comes to the absolute sovereignty of God. I’m a supralapsarian, you know.”


  • Reply July 25, 2016

    Harold Beesley

    Harold Beesley liked this on Facebook.

  • Jon Ray
    Reply August 1, 2016

    Jon Ray

    Is grace really resistible Charles Page CrossTheology Nathan Hellrung

  • Charles Page
    Reply August 1, 2016

    Charles Page

    the application of atonement (regeneration/new birth) is irresistible

  • Jon Ray
    Reply August 1, 2016

    Jon Ray

    but only after the person makes a free-will choice to receive it

  • Charles Page
    Reply August 1, 2016

    Charles Page

    there is a theory to that effect, it is Arminianism

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