Why am I NOT a Calvinist? REASON #5 People backslide

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Why am I NOT a Calvinist? REASON #5

People backslide by their own choices and free will. It’s not God’s fault!

Jon Sellers John Earp Charles Page John Ruffle

Pentecostal Theology [07/24/2015 1:38 PM]
Interesting approach…

Charles Page [07/24/2015 1:48 PM]
they backslide but don’t loose their sonship. God is patient and long suffering in reconciliation. They are his possessions and he will never ultimately loose them.

John Kissinger [07/24/2015 1:49 PM]
sonship will not save you but the SON will…

Charles Page [07/24/2015 1:55 PM]
sonship is the result of being saved by the triune God.

Charles Page [07/24/2015 1:57 PM]
??????????? ? John Kissinger ?John Kissinger ??John Kissinger?.

Charles Page [07/24/2015 2:00 PM]
oh, adoption not sonship in the translation!!! I like that. Ismn’t there a difference in sonship and adoption?

John Ruffle [07/24/2015 4:25 PM]
I don’t like the term “backside”. Most professing Christian people I’ve met who have a crisis of faith have so because:

A) They are in denial over prior wounds and hurts and have yet to come to the Cross with them.

B) They have ben wounded by another Christian and have been unable to face the Cross with thise hurts and forgive.

C) They have been enticed and seduced into allowing the flesh to have ascendancy over the spirit.

D) They have been enticed into false doctrine that denies Christ or distorts the teaching of Christ thus becoming heretics.

E) They reject or add private interpretation to the Biblical teaching, or place modern culture abd/or science falsely called on equal or higher authority than the Living Wirdr

The Cross is the cure for all of the above which means DEATH to self. As far as Calvinism goes, I really dint engage in that debate, just so we see as many as possible enter I to Godsm’s Kingdom through total faith and reliance in Christ through repentance from dead works. But from a layman’s point of view, ultra Calvinism rules out the working if the Holy Spirit, is sectarian and distorts the nature of God.

Charles Page [07/24/2015 4:30 PM]
I like Donald Bowdle’s statement for back-sliding. “to forfeit eternal like may be more difficult than formerly alleged.” p. 103 “Redemption Applied and Accomplished”

John Ruffle [07/24/2015 4:32 PM]
Charles, might also be more difficult to obtain than formerly alleged.

Charles Page [07/24/2015 4:35 PM]
yes, I agree if you are referencing practical sanctification, however regeneration, legal justification and glorification are unconditional without hoops to leap thru.

John Ruffle [07/24/2015 4:40 PM]
I also agree, provided there is valid repentance. The Holy Spirit draws people to repentance, and ironically, that fact does go some way in supporting pre-destination!

John Ruffle [07/24/2015 4:41 PM]
I would suggest there is no salvation without repentance.

Charles Page [07/24/2015 4:43 PM]
you believe in some way a works salvation in which the unsaved sinner cooperates?

John Ruffle [07/24/2015 4:58 PM]
I think you might trying to get me into some kind of Calvinist discussion.

I think I made my point clear-enough although I admit, not at any significant depth.

May I politely decline?

Charles Page [07/24/2015 5:00 PM]
I also quit doing Calvinist discussions, they won’t entertain truth!

Charles Page [07/24/2015 5:01 PM]
original question?

John Ruffle [07/24/2015 5:08 PM]
No, your comment about works salvation. I was hostile to God, incapable of good works by heaven’s standard.

Sure people can do stuff for humanity but that ain’t winnin’ no brownie points in heaven!

Some of the most humanitarian and compassionate people on a human level are also some of the most God-hating people I’ve ever met.

John Ruffle [07/24/2015 5:15 PM]
(Maybe because some may harbour a “victim” mentality. Like the days of Noah. They can care for each other while shaking their fists at God. This is partly how the homosexual rights movement has gathered so much traction.)

John Ruffle [07/24/2015 5:17 PM]
P.S.: my cell phone has a post-modern agenda. I type “of” and it invariably auto-corrects to “if” haha!-

John Kissinger [07/24/2015 5:51 PM]
quitting Calvinist discussions is the first of 12 steps to backslide from Calvinism

Charles Page [07/24/2015 5:52 PM]
to or from backsliding?

John Kissinger [07/24/2015 5:55 PM]
Wouldn’t it look bad for your open theologism to include backsliding into Calvinism?

Betty Gilliam [07/26/2015 8:11 AM]
Charles Page was Adam and Eve God’s son and daughter? If so why did theirvsin not only seperate them from God but all humanity as well requiring the death of the only begotten of the Father? Or were Adam and Eve creared lost?

Hubert Sanderson [07/27/2015 7:35 AM]
The word said that he that comes

John Kissinger [07/30/2015 1:55 PM]

BeyondtheVeil WorldOutreach [08/07/2015 2:30 PM]
Calvinist have some very good points that line up with the word of God.

George Parker [08/07/2015 7:37 PM]

Pentecostal Theology [08/08/2015 9:22 AM]
seems like they only got 5 points Charles Page

BeyondtheVeil WorldOutreach [08/08/2015 9:39 AM]

Pentecostal Theology [08/08/2015 9:52 AM]
we all got but 2-lip

BeyondtheVeil WorldOutreach [08/08/2015 9:57 AM]

BeyondtheVeil WorldOutreach [08/08/2015 9:58 AM]
So do you agree with any of the 5 points?


  • Carl Murphy
    Reply July 17, 2016

    Carl Murphy

    People don’t backslide, they were never fully committed. They had secret sins they refused to surrender. They left the window cracked for Satan. Fully sold out people are followers that have died to self. Many are like the rich young ruler, they kept the rules but never sold out. Followers until it cost them something they didn’t want to give up

    • Charles Page
      Reply July 17, 2016

      Charles Page

      that is the argument for OSAS

    • Charles Page
      Reply July 17, 2016

      Charles Page

      you are eternally secure if your decision is genuine.

    • Charles Page
      Reply July 17, 2016

      Charles Page

      Oh I forgot to say: that is a doctrine from hell

    • Carl Murphy
      Reply July 17, 2016

      Carl Murphy

      It takes more than a decision, it takes denying one’s self taking up the cross and dying daily to yourself

    • Carl Murphy
      Reply July 17, 2016

      Carl Murphy

      Well I am out of here, I see a legalistic judaizer has shown up to pass judgement

    • Charles Page
      Reply July 17, 2016

      Charles Page

      Carl Murphy that is the Lordship salvation belief of OSAS

  • Charles Page
    Reply July 17, 2016

    Charles Page

    Well I am out of here, I see a legalistic judaizer has shown up to pass judgement

    • Charles Page
      Reply July 17, 2016

      Charles Page

      poor ole Judahizers get blamed for a lot don’t they!

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