WHO are the poor in the SPIRIT?

WHO are the poor in the SPIRIT?
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Tim Law Those who are contrite.
Christian Errice Mallari Baltazar I love how John MacArthur explains the beatitudes below. The first step in entering the kingdom, the first step to happiness is being poor in spirit, realizing your spiritual poverty. The second one is mourning over it. The third one is humbly falling down before the glory of God in your condition. The fourth one is then pleading for a righteousness which you don’t have and hunger for. That begins then to manifest itself in an attitude of mercy toward others, a pursuit of purity and peacemaking in your own life, and creates hostility in the world. That’s the flow of the Beatitudes.
Paula Young Humble
Terry Fischer Isaiah 57:15
Marc Jackson contrite = NOT humble = NOT poor in spirit
Timothy K. Wiebe Total dependence on God. Opposite of arrogance.
Marc Jackson Joe Absher 2 weeks later and no one can answer
Joe Absher “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”Some things stand alone. Just look at it awhile… BeautifulMy Saviour said that

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