When you please God, man will always find fault! When…

When you please God, man will always find fault! When…

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Tony Perry | PentecostalTheology.com


When you please God, man will always find fault! When light exposes darkness roots come out! Those truly born again will discern and stand, the false converts will find others like them, and join their evil masquerading as being right or good!

Persecution is coming to the Churches, and we need those that haven’t bowed the knee to ba’al, believers that haven’t or won’t compromise truth!

Liars and thieves make great companions to those hating truth, the truth speakers will be anyone that stands for Christ and forsaking those that steal from following Jesus Christ as the head of the Church!

Doctrine won’t matter, belief won’t be held to when these compromises happen, and finger pointing and tearing down those that speak truth will be the norm! Traitors the Bible calls them, highminded, proud, they will despise those that do good, they are deceived and continue to deceive, they are blinded by unforgiveness and hatred, bitterness is their drink, they attack falsely or join the crowds that have fallen to the same spirit! Who taught these leaders and believers? The father of lies has led these through vanity and spotlight and self appointed Pharisees!

Are you awake yet, do you see? Will you stand for Jesus and not the Jesus produced by these wolves and goats? Will you follow the click, will you remain dead twice plucked up?

The remnant is small and misunderstood but standing together!

(Wake up Church!)

Pastor Tony

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