When did, "Satan fall from Heaven like lightning." Luke 10:18?

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A couple of recent questions regarding Satan/devil on this site, has prompted me to ask a related question.

In Luke 10:17 after the seventy-two returned,they say to Jesus (NIV),

“Lord,even the demons submit to us in your name.”

In verse 18 Jesus replied by saying,

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.”

Is it possible, through the interpretation of scripture, to determine approximately when this event happened?

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  • Reply March 16, 2017

    Manny Rios

    There are two mentions of Satan falling from Heaven. One is here in Luke 10:17, and the other is in Revelation 12:9. The two are unrelated. The first one, the devil drops from Heaven as fast as lightning by his own will (to save his legacy?). The second, the devil is thrown down out from Heaven by the Archangel Michael (banished?). The key to the action is more clearly visible in the original Greek verbs of motion used in each, Luke 10:17 PESONTA = FALLING, Revelation 12:9 EBLETHE = WAS CAST out. It is not the same to drop down from Heaven, than to be kicked out of Heaven.

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