What is apostolic church?

What is apostolic church?

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Robert Borders Jesus only?
Marc Jackson Apostles and prophets?
Robbie Asbury one that follows the apostles doctrine supposedly?
Ricky Grimsley Oneness
Marc Jackson Trinity
Ricky Grimsley Oneness churches call themselves apostolic is what I meant.
Marc Jackson Trinity apostles called themselves apostolic
Alan Emeryahu Cherry Yep
Ricky Grimsley Well NAR people call themselves apostolic.
Robert Borders I thought NAR had to do with guns!
Marc Jackson NAR likes guns and apostles 🙂
Alan Emeryahu Cherry New apostolic reformation false movement. Charasmatics not Pentecostals
David Chambers That’s Bethel
Alan Emeryahu Cherry it means they believe an operate in all the gifts of the spirit and live a holy life separate from the world, in a much deeper way then average Pentecostals. And charismatic believes in the gifts but not essential for salvation yet they don’t teach or preach holiness. They believe in preaching greesy grace.
Timothy K. Wiebe Holiness is Jesus. Only He is Holy, not our decision to refuse nail polish. Many who wear makeup are much deeper in true holiness than those who don’t
Marc Jackson much deeper way then average Pentecostals? Do tell
Alan Emeryahu Cherry 4 square church doctrine don’t believe in modern day apostles just the 12.
Brody Pope Oneness churches refer to themselves are apostolic.
Alan Emeryahu Cherry All Pentecostals don’t believe in prophecy, word of wisdom, diverse gifts of healing, and  interpreting tongues.  Pentecostals just believe in speaking in tongues, word of knowledge, hospitality, admin.
Leonard Harris It’s what JESUS proclaim the disciples to preach. Don’t forget about the letters
Alan Emeryahu Cherry I believe in the God head as three in one so that makes me a trinitarian even Thou trinity is not used in the Bible as a subjective word yet the Bible tells of the three being one God head. God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.
Brody Pope There aren’t “three God heads”. There is ONE Godhead that is made up of three co-equal, co-eternal persons namely the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. We aren’t talking about three separate divine beings. We are talking about ONE divine being (God) who exists as three persons.
Rodd D Grvs Thank you
Alan Emeryahu Cherry Cause the assembly of God churches have gone loose on there morality and doctrine I don’t consider them Pentecostal anymore
Sally Orwig Thank you Brody and Presbyterians believe in the Trinity. No such thing as 3 separate God heads. The Holy Spirit lives in me. Jesus and God. All 3 one in the same.
Aberdeen Chan An apostolic church must consist of the fivefold ministry:1. Apostles Govern2. Prophets Guide3. Evangelists Gather4. Pastors Guard5. Teachers GroundPS: Nowaday’s apostles and prophets don’t have the same power and authority as the original 12 Apostles. There would not be any new book to the current canon of the Scripture from them. They only can try to anoint believers with the infill or baptism of the Holy Spirit, to perform healing and deliverance, and to give the word of knowledge to those needy people.Oneness’ doctrine ignores, 1 John 5:7.”There are three who testify in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, and the three are one.” – 1 John 5:7
Alan Emeryahu Cherry Amen
Cameron King So the church at Antioch wasn’t Apostolic because it only had prophets and teachers (Acts 13:1). But they did better at taking the gospel to the world. So I guess we don’t need Apostolic churches just churches like Antioch.
Aberdeen Chan Cameron King The definition of the Church, doesn’t confine to the church of Antioch.There is a difference between the 12 Apostles ‘the sent one (apostello) ‘, and some very few people with the gift of apostleship ‘messengers (apostoloi)’. Today, a person with the gift of apostleship able to impartation by laying of hand, to bring the infill of the Holy Spirit in a much greater sense compares to evangelists or pastors. In most cases, a person with the gift of apostleship is also an evangelist, pastor and teacher who able to give prophetic words to individuals. A person with the gift of apostleship is only allowed to expound on the truth, which was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3).Some newly planted church started off with prophets and teachers like in Acts 13:1, but when the church grows, other ministries like the evangelists and pastors follow.
Cameron King Aberdeen Chan I don’t think the term “Apostolic Church” has anything to do with the five fold Ministry (which I Embrace). Nor is it the definition of just a church. I think the term Apostolic refers to the function of the church. I probably shouldn’t have used sarcasm in my response. I literally wasn’t saying the Antioch church was less than Apostolic. I was saying it didn’t have a full representation of the 5 Ministry gifts, but was Apostolic in function which would prove my point.
Aberdeen Chan Cameron King Yes, a church doesn’t need to have a full representation of the 5 ministry gifts. But for the Church, yes. Apostolic teaching or some part of their teaching wasn’t ended after the last Apostle passes away, as the Holy Spirit still working among us, the 5 ministry gifts stay.
John Duncan Sometimes they deny that Father God Gave His only begotten Son.
Jevan Little Oneness doesn’t ignore that verse, even the corrupted interpolated one
Dan Irving The term appears to have originated at Azusa Street with the publishing of their newspaper beginning in Sep 1906, “The Apostolic Faith.”  The first edition attempted to rally those who had received the Pentecostal baptism around certain figures who held to the 3-step formula of “Saved, Sanctified, Baptized” (and that, in no other order,) and there was no little skirmish between the Wesleyan Pentecostals (who tended to hold to the “apostolic” reference) and the non-Wesleyans who did not insist upon this doctrine.  I think the Wesleyan’s attempted to garner authority of their leaders by use of that term, in an effort to inculcate the errant Pentecostal form of the Second Work doctrine upon Pentecostalism.
Cameron King An Apostolic Church is one that carries out Christ’s mission of seeking, saving,  discipling, equipping and connecting while sending out others that do the same with the whole process guided by scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Virginia Sue Craig
Vickie Embry Never heard oftrinity
John Duncan It had come to mean a people who do not believe Father God gave His Son to die for the forgivness of our sins and that deny the Father and the Son.  1 John 2:22 ” He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.”
Vickie Embry Nar  ?
John Duncan John 3:16
Jevan Little Apostolics don’t deny God gave his Son to die for our sins. Sheesh
Philip Lazar Does claims makes a church apostolic?. To name some take for e.g eastern orthodox, Catholics, Full gospel, Amstronganism, Anglicans, Reformed, non- reformed, Moonies, Mormons, Unitarian,NAR, Restoration Movement, Calvary Chapel, ICC ect all tribal groups claims themselves as apostolic. It’s a difficult task to identify.  It is so critical and biggest question ever to get a easy answer.
Marc Jackson The early church apostles were not backslid Were they not the original apostolics?
Dean Roy Sorry I read it wrong
John Duncan Apostolics deny The Father have His Son.  They believe the Father Gave Himself and do not have the same atonement for sin the Bible speaks of.  It is a greater sacrifice to give your only begotten Son to die for the world than to give yourself.  Apostolics miss the Atonment.
Marc Jackson So the first apostles were not apostolic but Trinitarian?
John Duncan The first apostle were forgiven because they believed the Father gave His ONLY begotten Son – John 3:16.  Modalst/Oness reject the Father has a Divine Son and a make believe atonment.  The Son of the Father shed His divine blood.  The father watched and turned HIs back as he could not watvh His Son suffer that way as He became a sin offering.  Believe on the Begotten Son of the Father and you can be saved.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Oneness in doctrine churches claims that title and Spanish churches that are very legalistic in clothing and makeup and dietary laws claim that title. But in my opinion, it is a soul winning, Trinitarian, church planting, Spiritual gifts operating, and Christ-exalting Church. Which I believe is a New Testament Church. Which I proclaim that through God’s GRACE I have started.
John Duncan The Bible says theses 3 are 1 not 1 are 1 (oneness) or 3 are 3 tritheist but 3 are 1 (trinity)
Marc Jackson which 3? what verse ?
John Duncan Thought you would know it is 1 John 5:7 – the Father the Holy Ghost and the Word (Jesus)
Marc Jackson Is that verse in the original NT manuscripts ?
Dean Roy There are 3 THREE (3) that bare record in heaven the father , son and HOLY GHOST and these (. Plural) are one!!!! IN UNITY ONLY!!!!! Water- h2o , liquid, solid, vapor (3) egg- shell, white, yolk. TIME- past , present, future. (3) ME – body, soul, spirit. (3) even heard the statement “he looks just like his father? My wife and I are ONE but yet different THATS WHAT GOD SAID!!!!! If JESUS is God WHY DOESN’T HE KNOW WHEN HE’S COMING BACK????? How can you blasphemy JESUS and the father and it be forgiven but NOT THE HOLY GHOST if they are on person. Watch, THE ONNESS NEVER HAVE AN ANSWER FOR THAT
Jevan Little The comma was in only 1 manuscript.
Marc Jackson John Duncan I am Trinitarian but still need to read on this verse. When Erasmus put in his first TR edition he could not find a single MSS to support it so the verse was translated back from the Catholic Vulgate into his Greek NT http://probible.net/1-john-57/
Isara Mo And Jesus(Son) came to John to be baptized in the river Jordan….and when he was coming out if the water Jesus( the Son) saw the Holy Spirit(different entity) descending like a dove on Him….and  a VOICE from heaven(Father) identifying his son “This is my beloved Son)..In John 4:23-24 Jesus(the Son) says the Father..God is Spirit….and can anyone really define SPIRIT?Why is the modern church so much confused?We use logic to explain the inexplicable…Why was it easy for the 12?
Dean Roy Isara Mo amen
Isara Mo The question is THEY ARE ONE  in what way? In their nature? Functions or office?Some years back i was taught that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are ONE  in nature but each has a distinctive role.Father is CreatorJesus is AdministratorHoly Spirit is Executor…I guess all this is mere human attempt to explain the divine…and it made me more confused…When you read 1John 5:7-8 the preceeding verse talk about Jesus….and comes the wotd that the three “bear record”…Are they one in respect of bearing the ” record” or are they ONE  in respect of their natures, functions and office?For a little further down.the line you find three others (the blood, the water and the Spirit…) but these are in agreement.If you read a few more verses down you will find the word ” record”…and it concerns eternal salvation.Could the three in heaven be  ONE regarding eternal.life?…Just thinking
Marc Jackson Neither Functions nor office but a relatoinship
John Duncan Three are one equals TRINITY.  1 are 1 = oneness make believe God.  You have No Son in 1ness.  No atonement no salvation no forgiveness
Isara Mo John Duncan  ” Three are one = Trinity?John am confused?In John 1: 1 we read the Word was with God in tbe beginning.In Genesis 1: 1…The Spirit was hovering over the face of the waters..And God said…..Are these three ” equals”?
John Duncan https://www.wayoflife.org/reports/a-defense-of-1-john.php
John Duncan Oneness are anti-Christ by denying The distinction between the Father and the Son.  1 John is clear there is a Father AND a Son and if you deny you are ANTI-Christ.
Marc Jackson Well that’s true BUT adding verses to the Bible aint the best way either
John Duncan This settles it for me.  It was in the original for the existing evidence.  https://youtu.be/k79k2haNEDA
Marc Jackson Not hardly Which original?
John Duncan The early church quoted 1 John 5:7 and their writings predate existing manuscrites.  The copies they were using had to be older that our existing minuscripts.  Older and Majority had 1 John 5:7 amd the passage is missing understanding withour it.  You should listen to both side of the argument and you would not be so arrogant to say your view is absolutly true.
John Duncan Is the Father the Son and if not how are they different?
Jevan Little Huh?
Marc Jackson Which early church John Duncan? And which early MSS they quoted? We have a topic just on 1 Jn 5/7 if you’d like to take there and have some solid proof of course
Jevan Little John Duncan http://www.onenesspentecostal.com/trinoneness.htm
John Duncan Troy Day anti-nicean
Marc Jackson you mean  Cyprian  – that he interpreted 1 John 5:7-8 to refer to the Trinity is likely; but that he saw the Trinitarian formula in the text is rather unlikely. The passage is quoted in none of the Greek Fathers, who, had they known it, would most certainly have employed it in the Trinitarian controversies (Sabellian and Arian). Its first appearance in Greek is in a Greek version of the (Latin) Acts of the Lateran Council in 1215. Pls SEE the full discussion here https://www.facebook.com/troyday70/posts/568831333501826
John Duncan Seems you oneness are truly Trinitarian but just desire to hold to you “oneness” for some reason.  I used to speak to “oneness” believers and they were admitted believers that the Father was the Son and the Son was the Father.  Seems you present oneness have been actually converted to the truth of the Bible but hold to the term?  Just another crazy things for people to be confused about.
Isara Mo John Duncan  Very important questiion
Isara Mo John Duncan Is the Father the Son and if not..how are they different?An answer to this will remove every confusion
Jevan Little John Duncan David Bernard, the General Superintendent of the UPC, wrote several books on Oneness. They’ve been mainstays for over 30 yearsHe wrote “We do not say that the Father is the Son, but that the Father is  in  the Son”.So pardon me, but I don’t give a hoot who you’ve talked to, Oneness Theology has always, as far as I can see, taught the Father is not the Son
Jevan Little Also, as I’ve said before, JWs say the same thing? Are they Trinitarians?
Jevan Little Answered 10 hours ago
John Duncan Did the Father Die on the cross?
Marc Jackson Did the Son send the Father to die on the cross?
John Duncan No.  Did the Father Die on the cross?
Jevan Little Apostolics believe the Father gave the Son
John Duncan No U believe the Father gave Himself and therefore do not believe the atonement for sin.
Jevan Little nope. The Father gave the Son. The son died
John Duncan You are Trinitarian.
Jevan Little Even JWs believe the Father gave the Son. Using your logic JWs are Trinitarians. Smh
Jevan Little Oneness believe the Father, Son and Spirit are 1. Or better we believe God is Father, Son and Spirit
John Duncan Right you deny the distinction and are anti-Christ according to John the Apostle.
John Duncan Where was the Son at in Jesus baptism?  Where was the Father?  Where was the Holy Ghost? Who was speaking and to who?
Jevan Little no, we dont deny a distinction.
Jevan Little Son, standing in the water.Father in heaven but also in the Son. Omnipresemt.The Spirit appwaered in a form like a dove
John Duncan Modalism what we call oneness does deny the Son as they say the Father is the Son.
John Duncan If you say The Father is the Son you deny the distinction of the Son and are Oneness and reject the Christian atonment.  If you admit the distinction that the Son is not the Father than you believ in the Trinity.
Jevan Little We don’t say the Father is the Son. Father and Son are distinct
Jevan Little Even JWs believe Father and Son are distinct,  and Unitarians. You’re gonna tell me they are Trinitarians? That’s absurd
Byron Benefield John Duncan you are wrong
Marc Jackson John Duncan Jevan Little 1st Jn 5 7 is by no means a Trinitarian distinctive http://probible.net/1-john-57/
John Duncan This will cost u your soul if you deny the son’s distinction from the Father.
Jevan Little Lol
John Duncan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMQJgCcJon0
Jevan Little https://youtu.be/JulqQ-cV8GQ
Jevan Little ts an interpolation
Michelle MyBelle yall giving me a headache 🤣
Robert Borders
Michelle MyBelle to many spouts running and no river from which it came.
Robert Borders Let’s move on to important discussions such as how many angels can dance on the head of a pin!
Michelle MyBelle When you have them counted, let us know im sure someone will contradict your assessment lol  😉
Robert Borders
Vickie Embry Ok
Nathaniel Rodriguez Depends who you ask…but I’ll have nothing to do with the present “apostolic Reformation”…
Link Hudson NAR?
Nathaniel Rodriguez Yes
Marc Jackson makes no sense – all apostolic are restorationists
Marc Jackson John Duncan No defense needed on 1Jn 5:7 It just wasnt there to begin with Erasmus back translated from the Latin Bible. Only 1 known MSS has it today and is probably later scribal addition; erroneous at best
John Duncan https://youtu.be/PWr8iUOyFvM
Link Hudson The Pentecostal movement used to call itself ‘apostolic’ after the ‘Apostolic Faith’ newsletter.  That was one name.  John G. Lake took that label to South Africa, where there are trinitarian Pentecostals who use it.  In the US, Oneness Pentecostals used that name a lot after they split out of the A/G, and other Pentecostals used ‘Pentecostal’ and not apostolic in the US because the Oneness use it.  I don’t hear NAR churches naming their churches ‘apostolic’ a lot, but they may use the adjective from time to time.
Dan Irving Link Hudson, NAR takes it to the next level by naming their LEADERS “Apostles.”  At least where a church is named “Apostolic” there is room for interpretation that what they mean is the 12 apostles of Christ.
Link Hudson Its okay if the leaders are apostles but it seems like much of NAR does not understand what one is.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Apostles today = missionaries.
Dean Roy No, Apostles are just that. Prophets are Prophets and so on and so on
Dan Irving Dean Roy Yes. It seems highly presumptuous to create our own (modern) definition of an apostle.  The standard must be God’s word on the subject.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth So I’ve corrected modern-day missionaries are Apostles…so those who never planted or pioneered a church quit saying “I ‘ m an apostle!”
Link Hudson Jerome Herrick Weymouth I believe SOME modern day missionaries are apostles, and many of the ones who are not in the Ephesians 4:11 sense may be so in a looser sense.  There were men who delivered an offering who were apostles of the church in Corinth.I do not believe an apostle has to minister across a national border to be an apostle, either.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth An apostle is one who starts local churches throughout his ministry. Whether local or abroad.
Link Hudson Jerome Herrick Weymouth Does the Lord have to send this person who plants churches for this person to be an apostle?  Could someone just go plant a church without the Lord’s commissioning and be an apostle?  Jesus sent the 12.  The Spirit spoke before Barnabas and Saul were sent out.  Timothy had some kind of prophecy spoken over him.What about preachers who do not ‘plant churches’ by winning souls, but rather by putting together more exciting programs– more fun children’s church, better coffee in the foyer, funnier video commercials, more exciting music and a better smog machine?  Does pulling members from other churches through ‘church growth techniques’ make one an apostle?
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Folks called apostles which are not…l know of a lady who is called an evangelist and has never come out to help preach on the streets or going witnessing in the park. Yet the church where she goes calls her an evangelist.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Link Hudson No. It doesn’t.
Link Hudson Jerome Herrick Weymouth I think there is a more to it than ‘church planter.’  But there are people who have planted churches domestically or internationally, winning souls to Christ, after perceiving God’s call and having it confirmed through prophecy.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Member folks self-proclaiming gave themselves titles.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth In Revelation the Lord says “You have judged them who call themselves an apostle and have found their not”…commended by the Lord for this they were.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Paul our example..started churches where ever he went and travel over 30,000 miles in the course of his ministry. Ultimate example!
Link Hudson Paul saw none of the other apostles save James the Lord’s brother.  What type of apostolic work did James do?  We know he ministered alongside the elders in Jerusalem.  The Lord’s brothers were also supported to travel from place to place as we see in Paul’s defense of his own apostleship in I Corinthians 9.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Time to read the word. Barnabas brought Paul to the other apostles in Jerusalem.
Link Hudson Jerome Herrick Weymouth I got what I said write out of Galatians 1:9, and you also did not get the point I was trying to make that James is called an apostle.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Acts 15…the Jerusalem council…Paul met the other apostles… He and Barnabus were ordered to come to Jerusalem.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Agreed James is on the council…let’s get to my point… Don’t call yourself an apostle when you never started a church or been a missionary…or don’t go soul winning and never take the gospel out of the 4 walls of the church.
Link Hudson Jerome Herrick Weymouth Did James plant churches?
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Because of his 1/2 brother was raised from the dead and is Lord and Savior. That why he is considered an apostle by some. But Clement of the first century says James was the first Bishop of Jerusalem.
Link Hudson Jerome Herrick Weymouth Why would that make him an apostle Biblically.  I wonder if Jesus sent James when He appeared to him?
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Called the leader of the council in acts 15. Died a martyr’s death thrown down from a pinnacle of the temple and beat to death by a fuller’s club. How does that make him an apostle???
Link Hudson Jerome Herrick Weymouth Paul implied he was one.  The Bible does not say that he led the council, though the group did follow his suggestion, writing they perceived it seemed good to the Holy Ghost.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Church history says he was the one who headed up the Jerusalem council. Early church fathers know more you and I.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Still, the apostles today with the many Jets, mansions, and rolls royces are not your apostles and evangelists who never evangelize and pastors who have never pastored at all need to drop the title game.
Dean Roy Jerome Herrick Weymouth yep, there are TRUE ONES and FALSE ONES
John Duncan Cyprian lived in the middle of the 3rd century.  He lived 100yrs. before the earliest extant manuscripts we have.  He quotes 1 Jn. 5:7 in his 1st treatises on the unity of the church.
Ricky Grimsley WhAaaaaat
John Duncan What is the earliest manuscript of 1 John?
Jerome Herrick Weymouth Cyprian was the one who started baptism in water is a must and no salvation outside of the church.
Link Hudson Jerome Herrick Weymouth Started that?  I doubt it.
John Duncan The point is how did Cyprian quote from 1 John 5:7 earlier than any manuscripts that exist now if it was a later addition?
Jerome Herrick Weymouth See pocket book of theology for facts…by Roger Olson.
Link Hudson Jerome Herrick Weymouth I had a friend who researched ‘born of water and of the Spirit’ in John 3 in the so-called ‘church fathers’ on a CD that contained the various writings.  I think he said there were 18 references and those that commented took ‘born of water’ to refer to water baptism.  I saw a paper once that claimed that the first reference to ‘that which is perfect’ being the Bible was at such and such a date, but I found a reference to Jonathan Edwards making the claim prior to the date mentioned in the document I read.  It is hard to say, ‘This is the first time anyone ever said…’ and know that you are right.If your date for the idea of baptism being necessary for salvation is that late, I have probably read that idea from someone earlier.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth I had a friend who just recently told me that the water in the tank is connected to the cleansing power of the blood….baloney to that… it’s thru the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony that they overcame the evil one.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth And loved not their lives to death…nothing about a dip in the water tank is mentioned in the book of revelation.
Jerome Herrick Weymouth And years ago I was told  “Unless you’re baptized in our church, using our water, in our tank, and saying the prayers spoken by our elders…you can not be saved”…I said baloney to that…as I was a new convert back in the 1970’s when I heard that.
Junior Beasley BELIEVES THE APOSTLES DOCTRINE and that the Church urch started with the apostles and still continues today.. Assembly of God is a good example.of a apostolic church.
Marc Jackson Assembly of God believes in apostles today? Terry Wiles
Terry Wiles Generally sees them as missionaries I believe and uses missionary as the term.
Junior Beasley No, we dont
Marc Jackson No we dont Terry Wiles 🙂
Terry Wiles Ok.  I don’t hold their credentials.  Perhaps they changed.
Terry Wiles They don’t believe in the “Office” of the apostle like G12 and NAR and others.
Terry Wiles The AG sees apostolic function as the work of going out to the lost and binging the gospel to  non evangelized places.  Which is the purpose of modern day missionaries.
Junior Beasley The General Council of the Assemblies of God in the United States of America and Selected Territories CONSTITUTION Constitutional Declaration WE BELIEVE:  That God’s purpose concerning man is (1) to seek and to save that which is lost, (2) to be worshiped by man, and (3) to build a body of believers in the image of His Son.  That these believers, saved and called out of the world, constitute the Body or Church of Jesus Christ built and established upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone.  That the members of the Body, the Church (ecclesia) of Jesus Christ, are enjoined to assemble themselves for worship, fellowship, counsel, and instruction in the Word of God, the work of the ministry, and for the exercise of those spiritual gifts and offices provided for New Testament church order.  That it is evident the early apostolic churches came together in fellowship as a representative body of saved, Spirit-filled believers who ordained and sent out evangelists and missionaries, and under the supervision of the Holy Spirit set over the church pastors and teachers.  That the priority reason-for-being of the Assemblies of God is to be an agency of God for evangelizing the world, to be a corporate body in which man may worship God, and to be a channel of God’s purpose to build a body of saints being perfected in the image of His Son.  That the Assemblies of God exists expressly to give continuing emphasis to this reason-for-being in the New Testament apostolic pattern by teaching and encouraging believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, which enables them to evangelize in the power of the Spirit with accompanying supernatural signs, adding a necessary dimension to worshipful relationship with God, and enabling them to respond to the full working of the Holy Spirit in expression of fruit and gifts and ministries as in New Testament times for the edifying of the body of Christ.  That we are a cooperative fellowship of Pentecostal, Spirit-baptized saints from local Pentecostal assemblies of like precious faith throughout the United States to be known as The General Council of the Assemblies of God whose purpose is neither to usurp authority over the various local assemblies, nor to deprive them of their scriptural and local rights and privileges; but to recognize and promote scriptural methods and order for worship, unity, fellowship, work, and business for God; and to disapprove unscriptural methods, doctrines, and conduct, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, “till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).
Junior Beasley True Apostolic vision^^^^^^
Marc Jackson WHAT True Apostolic vision? Is there a false one too?
Junior Beasley Oneness, isn’t apostolic it’s coined the phrase for a movememt but since they believe they are the only way to heaven…i would say yes they have a false narrative..
John Duncan Oneness reject the Son in their theology but try not to in their words.
Junior Beasley Ur confussed because they are,😁they don’t reject the son, they deny his existence/office till the Birth at Bethlehem.
Marc Jackson ha Ricky Grimsley
John Duncan So they deny the eternal Son.  If so they deny the Son.
John Duncan That is not a the eternal Son coming into existence in Jerusalem that is a made up Savior.  They deny Jesus as the Eternal Son so when the TRUE Jesus died and rose they have who He is – the ETERNAL never created Son of God.  They make up a Jesus of their imagination.
Terry Wiles Troy Day.  Concerning AG beliefs check the following.   https://ag.org/Beliefs/Topics-Index/Apostles-and-Prophets
John Duncan Jesus the Divine Son of God always has been according the John 1.
Ricky Grimsley It doesn’t say he was always a son. It says the word has always been and the word became flesh. The Bible says “this day have I begotten thee”. That has to mean there was a day that the word became the son.
Marc Jackson Yes he does in Jn 1:8 and 1:18 – clearly too
Ricky Grimsley Not even close. It doesn’t mention son till v 18 and all that says is he is in the bosom of the father now which he obviously is when John is written.
Marc Jackson Terry Wiles we;ve read this before to no avail. Are you drifting again to Resolution 16?
Terry Wiles ?
John Duncan If you want to deny the eternal Son of God Jesus nobody but God can stop you and He will.
Terry Wiles Some responses require no response.
Ricky Grimsley Jesus is the eternal son now but not in eternity past. Otherwise sonship has no meaning.
Marc Jackson Good exposition by Paul L. King per out last discussion on what true Apostolic is http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/the-new-apostolic…/


  • Michael Ellis Carter Jr.
    Reply September 28, 2019

    Michael Ellis Carter Jr.

    One you
    Should attend ?

  • Joe Absher
    Reply September 28, 2019

    Joe Absher

    Luke 23:46 KJV — And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost.

    On Pentecostal definitions . it is generally understood Apostolic is what is called “oneness” the Father, Jesus the Son, and the holy ghost are one and the same.
    For me the scriptures plainly teach three persons.

  • Michael Ellis Carter Jr.
    Reply September 28, 2019

    Michael Ellis Carter Jr.

    Or according to thurston, Gikes, and sanders it can also be considered an Afrocentric group of believers who identify as sanctified and baptizes in Jesus Name… but overall Joe is correct I find it interesting though that many apostolics accept the trinity

  • Reply September 29, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    its the one of the Apostles or of Christ/

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