What do you call that thing when one believer prays

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Link Hudson | PentecostalTheology.com


What do you call that thing when one believer prays for another, and prays for details that haven’t been discussed or disclosed? Prophetic prayer? Word-of-knowledge prayer?

I love this stuff. I had a good time with it last night, on the receiving in this time. But I don’t know what to call it.

Joe Collins [09/25/2015 5:11 PM]
I call it “a word of knowledge” because the holy spirit gave that person a word of knowledge about me or my situation.

Link Hudson [09/25/2015 5:13 PM]
Joe Collins, that’s what I’ve been calling it. But to be honest, when I first started praying like this many years ago, I didn’t know I was doing it, until people asked me “how did you know about….?” and gave me other feedback and I started paying attention to what was going on internally.

Joe Collins [09/25/2015 5:14 PM]
Cool Cool

Charles Page [09/25/2015 7:22 PM]
word of wisdom or knowledge I cor 12:8 given supernatural

Peter A Vandever [09/25/2015 10:14 PM]
does the title matter? what matters is the person got their mail read

Joe Collins [09/25/2015 10:30 PM]
If it’s in the bible then the title mattered to God….. smh

Francisco Arriola [09/26/2015 9:54 PM]
call it that you are bored and need to pay more attention to your family and get a hobby

Link Hudson [09/26/2015 11:11 PM]
I’d like to get back on topic. How many of you guys have ever been prayed for like this or you found yourself doing the same thing?

I’ll share a few testimonies. I tried this small business where I was going around in the early 1990’s, trying to sign businesses up for a different long distance provider. I didn’t know enough about keeping track of my expenses, and it wasn’t going that well. This Vineyard pastor visited another church in town for a special meeting and some people I knew were going and I went. He prayed for me, and said something about ‘chasing after the wind.’ The prayer went on and on, but I knew it was about my work. He prayed the Lord would put me where I wanted. I had a dream about it, too, got out of it, got another job, and eventually went overseas as an English teacher, met my wife, became a minister of the word, etc.

While still in the US, I was a part of a Vineyard church plant where they did ‘minsitry time’– just extended praying for each other. If someone fell down, the others kept on praying and didn’t stop like in a lot of churches.

I started praying based on something that was flowing out of my spirit. I didn’t realize it at first, but people would tell me, “How did you know that about me?” and I started paying attention to what was going on, internally, and this flow of words. It happened a lot for a while. I remember praying for a guy my brother and friend and I were ministering to on the streets who’d gotten into witchcraft. I thanked God for putting him in a Christian home. Later he said, “How did you know I was adopted.”

One time, we were out on the streets and it was past 1 getting close to 2 AM, and we hadn’t prayed with anyone. One of the guys wanted to leave. I encouraged him to wait a little. I didn’t have peace about leaving.

I prayed something like, “Lord if you want us to stay here, send someone here wearing a green hat, a red shirt, and blue shoes.” (Maybe I got the hat and shirt color reversed. But the shoes were blue.)

He said, “We’ll be here all night if we wait for that.”

I prayed, “In the next two minutes.” and set my stop watch. He said he’d pass out if that happened. Well, he didn’t. When it got to be about 1:50 or so, the guy wearing those clothes came around the corner. We told him the story, but we couldn’t tell under the yellow street light if his shoes were blue or black. He said they were blue suede shoes and even showed them to us under the white light. And we did pray with that guy, who had thought about becoming Christian at a church service previously.

Many years later, I went to pray for this guy, who it turns out lived in my very large apartment complex, but I didn’t know it at the time. I’d met him once or twice at church. We were at a retreat. He went up to the altar about something. I prayed that the Lord would help him get another car, about his minstry in India, and in the US. He asked his wife later if she’d told my wife about the car. I’d only been there a few hours, anyway. His wife hadn’t told my wife. Their car was making a noise. He said when he’d pray silently about something, I’d pray about it out loud.

And I’ve had other people pray for me like that. It’s pretty cool. I’ve been thinking of it as word of knowledge. But since it’s a flow of words sometimes, maybe it’s a bit more like prophesying. It used to be those were the only words like that I’d get for someone, but since then, I’ve gotten more of the word of knowledge type thing for people that doesn’t have to be in a prayer.

Joe Collins [09/26/2015 11:24 PM]
Link Hudson, i dont have the time to currently read what you just wrote, but i will hopefully within an hour or so. But with that said, i have only been used by God exactly 4 times with this gift.

2 times a gave a word of wisdom/knowledge to two different people about the sins they were committing and would have happen to them if they continued but God wanted them to repent so that those things didnt have to happen. Both of these two people would not hear to god’s warnings and both ended up destroyed by the sins as Gods had said.

The third time was when i was in a spanish speaking country and a woman came up to me and before the translator had a chance to tell me what she had said, God told me and gave me the answer to give her.

The forth and last time so far, was about a man who i had never met and how he was unsaved and how the Holy Spirit had been calling out to him and then several months later i met him and he came to know the lord.

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    Varnel Watson

    Scotty Searan What do you call that thing when one believer prays for another, and prays for details that haven’t been discussed or disclosed? Prophetic prayer? Link Hudson wanted to know this back in the day – word of wisdom or knowledge I cor 12:8 given supernatural ? does the title even matter 1 little bit nowadays

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