“We cannot receive more refugees in Europe” French prime minister says

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“We cannot receive more refugees in Europe” French prime minister said today William DeArteaga Alan N Carla Smith Jon Sellers John Ruffle

John Kissinger [11/25/2015 8:20 AM]
Many have noted the historical parallels between the current debate over Syrians seeking refuge in the United States and the plight of European Jews fleeing German-occupied territories on the eve of World War II. https://www.washingtonpost.com/rweb/world/anne-frank-and-her-family-were-also-denied-entry-as-refugees-to-the-us/2015/11/24/2e9fe50cedf227628d1bd997708d791f_story.html?wpisrc=nl_az_rainbow

John Kissinger [11/25/2015 11:15 AM]
where do you think they will go if not EU? Alan N Carla Smith http://cupandcross.com/toward-a-pentecostal-solution-to-the-refugee-crises-in-the-european-union/

Glynn Brown [11/27/2015 8:10 AM]
It would be a mistake to take in people that hate you and want to kill you.

John Kissinger [11/27/2015 8:14 AM]
What about the foreigners as commanded in the law of Moses? Tom Steele

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