We All Need a Church Family

We All Need a Church Family

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Here is some advice I gave to someone seeking to find a church.  I know there are many of you who can’t seem to find a good one in your area.  A local church is important – it’s a place where we find a family with mutual support; a place to get fed good preaching; a place to give of self and love and encourage others; a place of corporate worship, prayer and faith.

We are in a day when the admonition in Hebrews 10 is so important: “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day
approaching” (Vs. 24-25).

It is good to be a part of a church, even if you don’t agree with everything, as long as they have the basics right and they are a loving family of believers

It is good to be a part of a church, even if you don’t agree with everything, as long as they have the basics right and they are a loving family of believers. You can pray that they come around in areas that seem important, and your sharing can simply be by your example if there are areas where they are not ready to receive, unless Holy Spirit clearly gives you a word and timing to speak something. God can use you anywhere, and it is good to be a part of a family of believers. Usually, as you love them and come across gently, they’ll love you and respect God in your life.

In the church where the Lord has us planted, we have on occasion experienced negatives over the years, so my advice does come from experience. I am so glad we didn’t run off every time there was an obstacle in doctrine, style or relationships. Several times we had sought the Holy Spirit on it, and didn’t have the release to leave. Today, partially because of that, we are loved and respected there, and we have seen enormous positive change that I wouldn’t have believed years ago.

Never Leave with Bitterness or Negativity

Of course, every situation is different, and there are, I’m sure, times when the Holy Spirit says to leave and go elsewhere. But it is always when it’s a clear word from the Lord, and never with bitterness or negativity.

The local church is a place where one can receive encouragement, exhortation and comfort. The Lord knows we all occasionally need a jump re-start. Some believers are following the Lord closely, but have areas where they need to let go of or step out in. When I say some, that is probably nearly all, including myself. I love how the Lord is gentle and never pushes, just gently entices us to go on, giving us a wonderful sense of fulfillment when we do.

Others of course, even in a good church, may still be living with one foot in the Kingdom and another in the ways of the world, and need the reminder that the time is “now” to get on board with what God is doing.

Ray E Horton

Serving the Lord as encourager, reconciler, intercessor and prophetic teacher of God's Word, primarily in person and on Facebook, as well as writer and editor. Beyond, or as part of, the Ministry of Reconciliation that we are all called to, I am serving the Lord and His people as a minister of prayer at a local church, and encouraging the brethren locally among people I know, and worldwide on Facebook

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