Was Moses the probable author of Genesis?

Was Moses the probable author of Genesis?

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I’ve been operating under the assumption that Moses was the author the book of Genesis (or at least the recorder of a bunch of oral traditions).

This document suggests a different view. http://www.biblicalstudies.org.uk/article_pentateuch_wenham.html

Who was the probable author of Genesis?

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  • Reply January 25, 2024


    He penned it. It was Oral Torah until Moses then He, well we like to think he penned the Torah/Pentateuch. But we also understand He could not of penned His death, the answer to what most if us have come to believe is scribes wrote the books under the direction or the command of Moses.
    Claim is Spinoza brought it to the World’s attention that it was not written by Moses but did little more then raise the question or awareness.
    Wellhausen was among the first in the 1800’s to answer the question and he had names for these scribes, don’t recall what they were. But anyways I believe the p
    Average person may never question who wrote them but I believe the books are relayed enough by a historical/storyteller approach that thd book its self reveal Moses was not the Author persay.

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