Wake-up call for Christians to pray even more

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Thank God that Christians are praying! Although we don’t always see the results which we expect, I realise that if we did not pray earnestly and in faith, often the result could be even more serious!

With all that has happened over the last week, it is a wake-up call to Christians to pray even more. I believe that the major issues to pray over are:-

  • For Theresa May as Prime Minister – that she will not be replaced – that she will be able to form an alliance with the DUP – and that she will be given wisdom how to cope with the strain and complexities of a hung parliament.
  • Pray for these early days of negotiation with the EU over Brexit. I already saw, even before the election result, the pressure we, as a nation, will be put under by those in the EU, who will start by treating us exactly as they did Greece in their financial crisis. Now that we have been weakened, the wolves will become like tigers in their attack. There are no personal emotions or sympathy in politics. Now is the time for Christians to rise up and show their power with God. This is exactly the motive which enabled me to call all the Christians in Ukraine together, firstly in 2016, then because of its success, in May this year. This National Day of Prayer in Ukraine has touched the whole nation from government to people. That is why our present crisis is an opportunity for the Church and the Christians to show their strength and that only God can heal and deliver a nation. If we don’t act, our whole nation is in serious danger. We could fall into the hands of the ungodly.
  • Pray for the unity of the United Kingdom – it is threatened with break-up. Yes, Nicola Sturgeon has lost support in Scotland, but the danger remains and even more dangerous is the situation in Northern Ireland. The DUP are being attacked with a two-edged sword, because of their Christian beliefs and because of the Irish Prime Minister’s warning that their relationship with the UK could threaten the peace in Ireland!

Now more than ever we need Christian Unity over the Authority of God’s Word and Salvation only in the Name of Jesus! This we have in Ukraine! We need Christian leaders who will stand up and speak up! We also need the Church and our Christian leaders to repent! Without confession of sin and repentance – God cannot heal our land, 2 Chron 7:14. Praying for revival and for the Holy Spirit will not save the Church unless we first have repentance. This was and is the key feature in the Ukraine Revival – which is taking place now!

I intend to stand up and speak up – now – but who in the UK will listen?! With the resignation of Tim Fallon as leader of the Lib Dem Party over his Biblical beliefs and the powerful influence of the LGBT, which is changing the attitude of the nation against God, coupled with the failure of the main-stream churches to affirm the Authority of the Bible, our only hope is in prayer. But unlike in Ukraine, where all the Churches believe the Bible and it unites them – where is any common ground to unite Churches in Britain?!

It’s no use praying for revival until the Church is reformed. This should be the beginning of a discussion. What we need is to have an alliance of churches (not standing alone), who will declare obedience to the Authority of God’s Holy – and Unchangeable Word! And defend this right publicly and put their names to it! Only these churches will revive – the others will perish!


  • Alice Carver
    Reply June 27, 2017

    Alice Carver

    So true, God bless.

  • Street Preacherz
    Reply June 27, 2017

    Street Preacherz

    Please brother let me ask how you know PM May should not be replaced? Sorry I don’t follow British politics that closely. DUP is social conservative. I understand. But how do you know God will on this matter is for the PM to remain on power? Honest question? Is it that simple a decision. I don’t know. So how can I agree??? It’s unfortunate in this country. We have Christian’s praying against Christians.

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