US Stock Market drops 500+ points plummet amid global FRIDAY sell-off

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John Kissinger [08/22/2015 1:44 PM]
Jon Sellers

Ed Brewer [08/22/2015 2:18 PM] ….sources MATTER – the Church must operate in the power of Pentecost, not panic

John Kissinger [08/22/2015 3:07 PM]
We already discussed this article in the group and it has a few good points. But ti is totally wrong on the US Market. The 500+ points loss yesterday was as real as it gets and will not be soon regained, if ever

Ed Brewer [08/22/2015 3:11 PM]
Dont share your skepticism, my brother — cyclical correction of a market that has grown faster than the economy – imho, we are better served tying what credibility we have to the things that have been revealed in scripture rather than a taloid’s best seller list

John Kissinger [08/22/2015 11:01 PM]
Those of the great depression may disagree along with the people who lost $10+ per share on their “super strong” Apple stock Friday and the ones that spent 4 days waiting at various airports in the South. But I am with you on the whole ‘panic’ think and share the very balanced ‘watch-and-pray’ position presented by Alan N Carla Smith recently in the group

Pack Rat [08/23/2015 7:53 AM]

John Kissinger [08/23/2015 9:26 AM]
T-37 Alan N Carla Smith

Alan N Carla Smith [08/23/2015 1:44 PM]
Panic? Aww c’mon man. Its a warning to get your house in order. My friend!

Alan N Carla Smith [08/23/2015 1:46 PM]
Pack Rat thank you for the scriptures. He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying.

Jon Sellers [08/23/2015 2:58 PM]
A market correction is anticipated expected and always occurs at some point. It is not a crisis, it is not a judgment, it is not a calamity, rather the normal ebb and flow of market behavior.

Jon Sellers [08/23/2015 3:01 PM]
If Cahn is not careful he will end up like Hal Lindsey and Harold Camping, false prophets who’s constant date setting ultimately proved their undoing.

Alan N Carla Smith [08/23/2015 10:46 PM]

John Kissinger [08/23/2015 11:06 PM]
Jon Sellers Cahn is very careful NOT to say anything much different than you! He only claims the said market corrections occurred in correlation of the #shemitah yeas of the past. If you think about it, each #shemitah in the OT was a market correction of a sort every 7 years

John Kissinger [08/24/2015 7:31 PM]
Normal market corrections should not be market crashesh

-China’s ‘Black Monday’ sends markets reeling across the globe – as it happened -Chinese stock market tumbled 8.5%; biggest fall since 2007 -Hundreds of billions wiped off world’s financial markets today -European stock markets suffered their worst days trading since 2011 -Dow Jones index sheds 588 points -S&P and Nasdaq now in correction territory -FTSE 100 sheds £74bn -VIX ‘fear index’ jumps

Ed Brewer [08/24/2015 7:44 PM]
Among the first and best things I learned as a pastor is that if someone is determined to have a spell, it’s best to let him get through before ya try to help him…. applies outside church too, btw

John Kissinger [08/24/2015 8:04 PM]
like when Noah had a ship building spell for some years?

Ed Brewer [08/24/2015 8:20 PM]
…hard to know where to start on that one, homey — how ’bout we just agree that Noah wasn’t too torn up by the vascillations of the Sumerian stock market

John Kissinger [08/24/2015 8:30 PM]
timber was expensive in those days and boat building was costly 🙂 but the task was all worthy at the end when the flood come

Ed Brewer [08/24/2015 8:34 PM]
You know he just had them rock critters to go snatch up whatever he needed

Wesly Raju [08/24/2015 11:57 PM]
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John Kissinger [08/25/2015 4:26 AM]
If I may quote Jeffrey D. Madison on this one here “I may have to resend the comments I made on the earlier post. In light of the recent stock market “correction” on the part of the Chinese, Johnson appears to be right, Trump is God’s man for this hour”

Alan N Carla Smith [08/25/2015 11:34 AM]
Mon (Aug 24 2015 or 9th of Elul 5775) Dow opens another -1,000 and rebounds to a -588 pts

John Kissinger [08/25/2015 11:56 AM]
DOW is +300+ right now today but these are major fluctuations

John Kissinger [12/15/2015 8:23 AM]

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