Trump Shall Become God’s Trumpet to America?

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John Kissinger [08/08/2015 11:12 AM]
John Ruffle it does come from Jeremiah Johnson who is a prophetic authority…

Charles Page [08/08/2015 12:03 PM]
if Trump is God’s trumpet then he is an elect of God regenerated and born again.

John Kissinger [08/08/2015 12:52 PM]
How did you figure?

Jeffrey D. Madison [08/08/2015 1:59 PM]
According to all of the sources, (and yes I did watch the debate), Trump flopped the other night. It was Rubio who scored big in that debate. Frankly, it does not matter if Johnson is a “prophetic authority” he’s wrong, (or we got the meaning of the word wrong, just like Bob Jones’ word for Romney in 2012). The fact is that it is way too soon to “predict” who the next president will be. The Iowa caucus is a long way away. Speaking from experience, the front runner now is often the biggest loser on caucus day. #Gingrich2012 #Romeny2008. Frankly, for those of us who are in the States, we should put our support behind Huckabee. He is 100% pro Israel, pro life, pro business, and pro America. Above all, he’s 100% in love with Jesus, and that’s what America needs in the White House.

John Kissinger [08/08/2015 2:00 PM]
Trump will fail b/c he speaks the right things but has no structure and program to change them. They need him to flop at the very end so there will be one and only obvious choice and no other #HILLARY

Jeffrey D. Madison [08/08/2015 2:27 PM]
Trump is saying all of the things that Huckabee has been saying for the last 7 years (either on his show ( on Fox News), or during his speaking engagements). The difference is is that Huck has a plan to accomplish his goals. He also has the charisma to win over the opposition. Now, Trump is a bully who is unable to institute real change. Once he recognizes that he cannot buy out the opposition he will cave to whatever political party that provides him with a better future. Like Esau he would sell his birthright for a meal and shack up with a Hittite woman for his own gain. Unlike Trump, Huckabee understands the consequences of these unrighteous compromises.

John Kissinger [08/08/2015 2:29 PM]
HOW SURE are we in Huckabee’s SB (non-primitive Charles Page) faith convictions?

John Kissinger [08/13/2015 7:45 AM]
or shall he?

Jeffrey D. Madison [08/25/2015 1:38 AM]
Well, I may have to resend the comments I made on the earlier post. In light of the recent stock market “correction” on the part of the Chinese, Johnson appears to be right, Trump is God’s man for this hour. I would say he is a Cyrus indeed (a believing non-believer who God ordained to do great things). Where did the term “trump card” come from anyway? The term is older than Trump himself, dating back to the first World War.

Peter P. Macinta [09/04/2015 10:34 AM]
Has he said anything about Kim Davis yet? Ted Cruz sure has.

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