Trump reelected Kim Clement Prophecy

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  • Salvatore Tropea Sr
    Reply August 29, 2020

    Salvatore Tropea Sr

    There is a extreme surge of demonic activity this election cycle! We have never seen such civil disobedience by anarchists and democrat officials! The anarchists we understand but the elected officials is disgusting! There is no equal freedom of speech, violation of law breakers or constitutional interpretation by justices! God bless and defend our brave President who even has backslide preachers attacking him!

    • Troy Day
      Reply August 29, 2020

      Troy Day

      are you saying demons tell evangelicals HOW to vote? William DeArteaga should write more about this then

  • Leonard Harris
    Reply August 30, 2020

    Leonard Harris

    Can you please let me in this group so I can see the video. I used to get everything don’t know what happened.

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