Trump Going Overdrive To Reach Evangelicals

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Officials from the Trump 2020 campaign acknowledged that they plan to target the evangelical community state-by-state to drive out the vote for the president, according to Axios.

Axios noted that Trump got 81% of the evangelical vote in 2016, and the evangelical community is close to 25% of the entire American electorate. A campaign advisor told Axios, “There is a significant evangelical outreach effort. It’s going to be state specific. It’s going to exist in important battleground states and focus on churches and areas where we can have an impact. African American outreach will be a component of that. … It’s robust, and it will be well-funded.”

A campaign official stated to Axios, “In 2016, it was more of a surrogate driven, PR-driven type thing. This is about finding voters. That’s why a lot of our efforts are going toward collecting data at rallies, collecting data over peer-to-peer texting, and collecting data within our coalition groups.”

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